If Hillary is Nixon, Howard is Agnew!

Is Howard Dean Hillary Nixon Clinton's Spiro Agnew?

Right now he's getting all the flak (as Dick Polman points out today), and yet, while that's noisily happening, Hillary is quietly manuevering herself into a position where the presidential nomination is a certainty.

Dean's doing an excellent job as a flaky irritant and a distraction, but ultimately, he's quite expendable.

In the long term, he'll also make Hillary look every bit the centrist, maybe even the Democratic Party's savior.

If I were working for Hillary Clinton, I'd be as delighted with Dean as Nixon was with Agnew.

posted by Eric on 06.09.05 at 12:08 PM


Agnew! His stylestyle! I've always loved the style of Agnew. I've always envied that name. Spiro Agnew. Spiro Malcolm Agnew -- vs. the "nattering nabobs of negativism".

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