The search for villains!

I said it before, I said it repeatedly, and I'll say it again: UNSCAM has been and remains a multinational bipartisan coverup involving both parties, big oil and more.

Right now the fuss in the press revolves around a sleazy American oil company, a notorious, 1970s-vintage Korean influence peddler, and a Bulgarian.

Anything to avoid looking at the people at the top. (Nice link roundup via InstaPundit.)

Like every massive coverup, this one's involved MASSIVE SHREDDING:

At the United Nations, the senior administrator under Kofi Annan has willfully and deliberately shredded documents that pertained to the greatest rip off in history and Annan lets him retire the same day that he notified Volcker of the documents destruction. The records were so voluminous that it took seven months to shred them all and Annan professes he knows nothing about it, can there be anyone that would believe such a lie. The responsibility stopped with Annan and for this if nothing else he should be forced to resign.
Only the most cynical of minds could imagine that an investigation might be utilized to shift the blame downhill to the less savory ranks. The kind of people we all love to hate?

Find the right villain, and you've got half the battle won!

posted by Eric on 04.14.05 at 10:31 PM

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