New arrival

I am really tired, as I just got back from a long drive to southern Virginia to pick up the latest addition to the family.

Her name is "Coco" (same as Puff's grandmom), and she and Puff hit it off immediately. Here they are, meeting for the the first time:

Puff Coco.jpg

They slept together in the car for about eight hours, so I think they're quite compatible. What with housebreaking and the rest of it, Coco ought to keep things lively around here for the next several months.

BTW, I checked out her pedigree pretty carefully. She's a real princess. (Descended from royalty, of course.)

posted by Eric on 02.27.05 at 11:50 PM


That's a beautiful picture of those two dogs. I hope I'm done tinkering with this comprehensive spectrum overview. I'll look it over tomorrow for typos and then see if I can post it. I don't think I've ever posted a file this big. Nor have I ever done this font business before. This better work. It had better be worth all the time, work, and worry I've put into it.


Sean Kinsell   ·  February 28, 2005 8:18 AM

Heh. Sean beat me to it. Nice looking pickle.

SayUncle   ·  February 28, 2005 8:40 AM

Puff's name derives in part from his grandmother, Coco (my first pit bull), sometimes affectionately called "Coco Puff." At age 12, Coco (thinking she'd given birth again) produced milk for Puff, and allowed him to nurse from her until he was six months old. They were inseparable until Coco died when Puff was about a year old, after which Puff kept Coco's spirit alive. I'm hoping for symmetry.

Interestingly, I would never have forced this issue, but Coco had already been named by the breeder before even I saw her.

Eric Scheie   ·  February 28, 2005 4:45 PM

Beautiful doggy! Very good of you to give Puff another companion as he slows down. Very sweet that they slept together like that.
Good on you.

Harkonnendog   ·  February 28, 2005 8:09 PM

[sigh] My first (and best) dog was named Coco. It was originally Coconut, until he got fixed. I still miss him.

Gary and the Samoyeds   ·  February 28, 2005 8:51 PM

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