Last snow of puppyhood?

The snow is coming down fast and furious; already there's a four inch accumulation.

The new puppy, Coco, likes the snow more than Puff does.


She was taking flying leaps in the snow, but the digital camera's delay feature makes them tough to catch.

As you can see, it's snowing hard enough that wet spots on the lens are visible. I really didn't want to haul the camera out in the snow, but I realized that if I didn't capture the moment, there's be no photos of her as a puppy in the snow. It's late in the snow season this year, and next winter she won't be a puppy.

(Of course now that I've said that, it'll probably snow through March, and into April!)

posted by Eric on 02.28.05 at 04:37 PM


What a cutie pie! I love puppies! They smell like sunshine and pee-pee.

beloml   ·  February 28, 2005 5:36 PM

Cute little dog Coco is, a good companion for noble Puff. Snow is picturesque in a picture, but I hate actually being in it. I'm glad we don't have too much snow here. When we moved here to Washington (the state not the Death Star!) from California, I was afraid we'd have a lot of snow in the winter. Turns out we only had one day of snow last winter and only one very brief morning of snow this winter. It's a beautiful sunny day out now. Pink blossoms on the trees. I'm in a good mood now because I just about finished what I think is my best post ever in Up With Beauty, a compendium of spectrums.

what breed is that? My daughter and I are in the market, and I like this one's size...and it's uglier than me, which is a requirement.

john pike   ·  March 1, 2005 3:48 PM

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