Periodically restored -- without interpretation!

Fridays are traditionally Online Test Day at Classical Values, but test offerings lately have been scarce, so the weekly routine has suffered. But this week, my old blogfriend Ghost of a flea has been busy! I filched THREE tests from Nick, and while I'm sorry to report that all of my results differed from his, they're nonetheless quite entertaining.

The first is "Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?" I am Galadriel:

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

While I didn't ask to be a woman, she seems to have redeeming qualities, so I can't complain too much -- even if my result requires an interpreter. (I also note that my test result has not changed in nearly a year!)

Nick, on the other hand, gets to be a man, and is Roy Batty of Blade Runner.


Next is "Which British Literary Period are you?" I have no objection to being the Restoration. (Some good authors there -- and besides, I'm literally in need of restoration!)

Which British Literary Period are you?


1660-1785--Pope, Swift, Johnson. Times they are a changing. You're very cynical and you like looking out for the little guys. You have a sense of humor a lot of people just don't get.

Personality Test Results

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Nick's period is more traditional (and possibly more exciting); he's Old English. Hey, if it hadn't been for the Old English period, what would there have been to restore?


Last of today's Flea Three is the somewhat puzzling "Which 'Coupling' character are you?" test.

I'm Patrick Maitland:

PATRICK MAITLAND. Self-centered, a womanizer,
obsessed with sex, and quite a 'big man'
indeed! *wink wink* You don't have enough blood
to run both your brain and your sex drive at
the same time, so you usually concentrate on
sex. You've had bad experiences with haircuts
and competitive employees at other firms, but
that's okay! Your staggeringly large
'equipment' makes up for everything... even if
it does give you a bit of a balance problem.

Which 'Coupling' character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

The Flea is is Jeff Murdoch. (Now I'm really thinking about interpretation.)


This last item certainly qualifies as a test, and it seems to follow the business about my being a womanizer with a "'big man' indeed! *wink wink*" (however the hell that might be interpreted).

Thanks to Dr. Rusty Shackleford, I have discovered my pimp name:

Ice Master Scheie Gates
Don't know what I'll do with it, but it helps to be pimpified!

I'm feeling restored already. My precious juices flow!

posted by Eric on 09.24.04 at 06:00 PM


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Sherlock Holmes! I came up Sherlock . .well, sort of.

You made my day. : )

Persnickety   ·  September 25, 2004 8:09 AM

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