Jack Hensley beheaded

Via Wizbang, here's a Reuters report (note Reuters' demand that linked stories must refuse to use the word "terrorist") on the beheading of American Jack Hensley:

DUBAI (Reuters) - A militant group headed by al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has killed a second American captive in Iraq after the lapse of a 24-hour deadline on Tuesday, Arabic television channel Al Jazeera said.
It said a statement announcing the killing of American Jack Hensley by the Tawhid and Jihad group was posted on the Internet. It gave no further details.

On an Islamist site, a contributor who has in the past posted messages in the name of Tawhid and Jihad said the group would soon post pictures of the "slaying."

Hensley's reported death comes a day after the group beheaded American Eugene Armstrong who was also kidnapped along with Hensley and Briton Kenneth Bigley last week.

There was no word on Bigley's fate.

In Washington, a State Department official said: "We take these reports seriously but I don't think we have a body yet."

There'll be another body, and doubtless another video, until the terrorists are killed.

Kevin also links to Dr. Rusty Schackleford, who's been doing an excellent job of covering these bestial atrocities:

NEIN reports:
Zarqawi's group announces "slaughter" of second American hostage. A message posted moments ago on the Ansar message board announced the murder of American hostage Jack Hensley. The posting was made by the same individual who posted yesterday's announcement of Armstrong's murder, and who has a history of posting announcements from Zarqawi's Tawhid wa Jihad group.

The announcement indicated that photos and a video would be forthcoming shortly.

Expect updates.

UPDATE 2:32 EDT: Fox News confirms breaking news.

UPDATE 2:40 EDT: Al Jazeera website reporting "more soon"

UPDATE 2:47 EDT: AP via Chad

“The nation’s zealous children slaughtered the second American hostage … after the end of the deadline,” said the statement, posted under the pseudonym Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, who has posted past statements in the group’s name.

Critical UPDATE 3:29 EDT: Zarqawi's website now confirms Hensley's death. Is there a reader who can translate Arabic?

UPDATE 3:40 EDT: Here is a picture of the announcement on the website. Can anyone translate?? (Click image for larger view)

I quoted liberally, because I had trouble opening Dr. Shackleford's blog, and I want as many people to see this as possible.

Not much to add to any of it, other than repeat what I said earlier. This is a war between civilization and barbarism. Between freedom and the people who want to destroy it. We must prevail.

UPDATE (09/22/04): The bloody bastards have supplied their hideous video, which is available here.

MORE: More links. The video can also be downloaded here; direct link here.

If you're as appalled as I was, you might consider donating to the Jack Hensley Foundation.

(Via Dr. Rusty Shackleford.)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with this site and have reached this post from an Internet search, please bear in mind that I am a daily blogger, and that while I am as outraged as anyone else, this site is not devoted to the issue of beheadings or beheading videos. However, I have given the matter a great deal of thought, and I believe that if seeing these videos helps fuel the warrior spirit which is required to defeat terrorism, then that's reason enough to help make them available. (Various posts about this can be read here, here, here, here, and here.)

UPDATE (10/17/04): Some of the comments which have been left here are as heinous as they are remarkable. I hesitate to delete them in because of their possible educational and sociological value. I won't waste my time by dignifying them with detailed answers, but I think that anyone capable of reading this blog knows what I think. I remind readers that I do not consider myself in any way responsible for what other people say. However, if the law -- or this blog -- ever reaches the point where comments can create legal liability, I'll probably just turn them off. (After all, it's not my writing, and it shouldn't be a distraction.)

posted by Eric on 09.21.04 at 03:59 PM


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Tracked on September 22, 2004 1:14 AM


the video is at
don't know where the video is of US military police raping Iraqi boys at Abu Ghraib.

who are the barbarians?

justice, not revenge. world peace through world law. check out the Federalist Movement, the International Criminal Court, et al.

Anonymous   ·  September 22, 2004 4:45 PM

What fucking cowards. Have they no honor - have they no ability to defend their beliefs? Do they have an issue that the world should acknowledge or are they, as they present themselves, just madmen, butchers, with nothing teh world should acknowledge.

Anonymous   ·  September 22, 2004 9:11 PM

It's time for nuclear weapons. why should the US restrain its actions while animals slaughter our people as though they were little more than garbage suitable for wholesole disposal. Why would it be wrong to slaughter one randomly selected muslim for each randomly selected beheaded amaricam?

Anonymous   ·  September 22, 2004 9:16 PM

Where is the Muslim outrage over these incidents? Where is the Muslim outrage over the other hostages in these terrorist groups captivity? This shows that the muslim religion is a mere sham, a cover for organized hatred and not a model for a spiritual life. I am so dissapointed by the shallow nature of this so-called religion! They appear to have no genuine concern for the spiritual state of mankind - only the present socio-economic conditrion of the individual muslim - and their jelous hatred for those who have succeeded in this material world through the sweat and blood of their labor. What a pitiful lot. Is ther no one who will stand and say that the slaughter of innocent humans is not a religious act?

Anonymous   ·  September 22, 2004 9:32 PM

Just wondering why I'm unable to view this vidio? It tells me the specified path doesn't exist.
Not sure I should watch it, but I supose reality gets pretty nasty.

Cate   ·  September 22, 2004 9:38 PM

BTW...If anyone knows how I can view this, or what I'm doing wrong...whatever, please email me, and let me know.

Cate   ·  September 22, 2004 9:41 PM

And so Michael Moore's friends are at it again. With his encouragement and support they have sawed the heads of another pair of american hostages. What a pity, we cannot hang traitors in this situation. Of Course sweet Michael would never accept these worlds criticism - he would continue to see himself as the guardian angel of our common morality. Of course the truth, that he could never acknowledge, is that he is a stooge of the new faciast order. Given his vbery limited IQ, of course, he will never be able to see this. - but such is life. The world is full of ignorants and it is our job to minimize the damage they do. Michael, your days are numbered. You can continue as the hero of morons only so long as morons are of any consequence.

Anonymous   ·  September 22, 2004 9:49 PM

Wow! It amazes me how ignorant people think they are smart when using big words, and spell check!

Anonymous   ·  September 22, 2004 9:53 PM

My mom was a old friend of Jack Hensley's and I just want everyone to keep him and his family in your prayers.

Kate   ·  September 22, 2004 11:23 PM

The Islamic faith was born out of the Hejaz, an area in Sudia Arabia in which tribes were in a constant state of warfare. The practice of making Razia, or raids against ones enemies was (and is) common and acceptable. It was through war and murder that the Muslims defeated the Qureish and began to spread thier blood thirsty faith through the weakened Byzantines to the west, and the Persians to the East. We get our word 'Assasin' from the Arab Hashishin...a pot smoking tribe who took pleasure in murdering people,(look it up in Websters). After my internet viewing of public excecutions (i.e. stoning to death), and the sadistic throat cuttings of my fellow working Americans, I am compelled to view the Islamic tribe as a snarling, rabid dog that will seek a hole in the fence to tear the flesh of my children. What are we to do with such an animal whose mind and reason are so poisoned by blood lust, and a twisted arogant view of me and my values? We seem to be escalating into a base struggle for survival in which one or the other is exterminated...I am being forced to prepare.

Chas   ·  September 22, 2004 11:25 PM

fuck them islamic ragheads .... nuke them assholes

fuck them ragheads   ·  September 23, 2004 12:44 AM

It's difficult to find words for such sensitive matter, my sincerest condolences to Mr family and friends. I truly believe in order to maintain world peace and to avoid future incidents such as this, americans have to stop their war in Irak inmediatly. W Nobody would like to see their country invaded by a foreign army, this is why "freedom fighters", "Terrorist", you name it, are taking incredibly unbeliavable violent measures. Don't forget thousands of Irakis have also died and many of them were only children, mothers, fathers too.

Mexican Catholic   ·  September 23, 2004 1:18 AM

To, Mr. President Bush

Please do something about;this evil act. After I've hear about this terrible act of evilness,my heart's bleeding ,how can they does this to our innocence American people like this? Mr. President Bush... we really needed your help, to stop all this.Mr. President Bush; you're my hero,and I love you very much.Those coverhead animals;will never make peace with us, so ,so do what we got to do,to STOP those FUCKEN ANIMAL Of EVIL Like.
The FUCKEN COVERHEAD EVIL ANIMALs will hurt us, if we take it easy on them.Mr Bush..I always praying up and Above...May the Mighty Power LORD...PLEASE HELP Us to destroying all the evilour, especially the COVERHEAH ANIMALS!!!!!!

To the men families, I'm truly deeply regretted for, the lost of your love one...I will my heart will always in your prayer..trust me. we WILL revenges with all this hurtful!!!!! May God be with you're families!!!!

Please Don't be so Sad... WE WILL GET those ASSholll..FUCKEN ANIMALS COVERHEAD!!!!



Ms. Phung   ·  September 23, 2004 2:38 AM


please check above website and see how american soldiers rape iraqi women..then pls tell who is right who is not..

excalibur   ·  September 23, 2004 3:04 AM

as you see if they rape their women, they kill americans in iraq like this...> http://www.tuncayozkan.com/haber.php?haber_id=3793

excalibur   ·  September 23, 2004 3:09 AM

I am reminded of a line in Spartacus. Laurence Olivier's character, the Patrician Crassus, talks to that played by Tony Curtis, the slave, Antoninus. Olivier, after a brief discussion of what is moral, based on a discussion of culinary preferences, concludes that it is all a "matter of taste."

There may be now no right ot wrong about all this, why pretend? This has become Realpolitik, a quest now for survival, the right to assert our preference for the way we live without fear of torture or death or random killing, not a debate on whose way of life is superior. In this post-modern age, all values are relative, but we have the right to read into our own values what we wish, and a right to defend from attack. Our enemies have declared that our values are wrong. Against the Nazis, there was Dresden. A moral act? No, but a very effective one in the defeat of an enemy whose values were avowedly anti-Western.
Against the Japanese, Hiroshima. Ethical? No, but again efficacious. These entities were aggressive and pre-emptively struck against those who they had declared enemies. They were defeated.

History will repeat itself here.

Anonymous   ·  September 23, 2004 4:25 AM

I think it is a sick thing to do. Killing a man who is not respossible for the war. If they want to do justice they should behead George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein. THen the international communitie could help irak by rebillding the infrastructure of this country without having to be afraid to be the victim of a politicaly influenced war. I think that everyone wants peace and no one wants to have theire country being invaded by a foreign army. Want would americans do if Irak invaded the US on a "suspicion" a having weapons of mass destruction. We all know that there is no suspicion of the US having these weapons.
If we want to survive the 21st century I think we should abandod all forms of religion in politics. Every war in this world is based on religius beliefs and started by men who think that their religion should rule the world. I don't think that there is a religion in this world that justifies the killing of innocend people or any people for that matter.
If people whould have a open mind and the guts to listen to people who do not have the same religius background, life style or skin colour for that matter, we might even learn something about each other.

My thoughts go out the family of Mr. Jack Hensley and all the other families of people who have been killed for no reason.

Mr. George W. Bush I hope you lose the election, witch is a farse anyway.


M   ·  September 23, 2004 4:35 AM

I like make my statementto you. For some reason the American soldiers did somthing wrong with your people for no reason , there will justice;We are very famous about following the book of LAW, so you don't have to worry about that. Base on my eyes and ears,I have see and hear of everythings; what those people did to the innocence American people, I think is very awful,and so much evilour in YOU! I think you've no human heart fo human life. It is very cruls to executing people like that.

Tha shall not KILL!
Haven't hear that poem before in your life time?

Listen to me , do something...

that , at least safe human life.

Take care

Phung   ·  September 23, 2004 4:37 AM

Don't get me wrong, I completely condemn the way this situation gets more and more out of hand, but we should really think who really started this whole thing.
I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but I am SURE that Mr. Bush and his government is as much to blame for this!!!

Saddam maybe a dictator that ruled Iraq, but at this rate the US will more and more become the ruler (decision maker) of the world!!! Not because it "defends the world from terrorism", but because the world is not according to Mr. Bush!!

My sympathy goes out to the families of all the soldiers and civilians that were killed, but I hope the US stops this way of making decisions for the world.

Bert   ·  September 23, 2004 5:11 AM

I think an effective way is do answer the same way that those terrorists do. There are a lot of radical prayers all over the arabic world.

For every beheaded civilian let behead one of those radical prayers and put the video on the I-Net.

As the bible tells us : an eye for an eye .

C   ·  September 23, 2004 5:24 AM

All the americans in Irak are pirates. This is the end of the pirates. You don't like? You should not have supported a terrorist like Bush.

Iraupena   ·  September 23, 2004 8:49 AM

I saw a lecture on C-Span given at the US Naval War College a couple months ago and the speaker was able to distill surprisingly simple clarity about what the Islamists' issue is with the US: Islamists are vehemently against globalization (partially because of their conflicting view of womens' roles in society). There is a very distinct and identifiable area of the globe that exports its anger and violence - The radicals are fighting to keep globalization out but and the thinking is that the next 20 years will determine whether they are successful or not.

Additional thought: There are devices that can be planted under a person's skin that transmits their location - Why isn't this done with Westerners working in the Middle East so that they can quickly be found when kidnapped? Can it really be question of economics when some people even do this for their pets???

Dan   ·  September 23, 2004 11:32 AM

Sad and brutal as the beheadings in Iraq are, no rational thinker can blame all Muslims, Michael Moore, the Democrats or any other scapegoat. We're getting brutalized because we're there. We're everywhere...we're Imperialistic. That's why 9/11 happened. It has nothing to do with "envy" and little to do with "religious hatred." It's all about us poking our noses into everyone's affairs and supporting Israel at every step. Look up "Imperialism" in the dictionary. That's us, folks. We can't, and shouldn't, police the world and kill thousands of innocent people. The very fact that Bush thinks we can democratize Iraq is proof of his ignorance...like so many who post comments here. HK

Henry Kirkman   ·  September 23, 2004 3:05 PM

Who in their right mind would go to Iraq if they were not forced to? These people are not like us. They do not think the same way, or act the same way. They believe they will go to heaven by exploding bombs on their bodies and murdering innocent children and adults.

We know that they will spend eternity burning in hell for their horrible crimes. But why are we there? Why did we not help the people in Rwanda when they were bing slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands only a few short years ago? Is it because there is no oil in Rwanda?

Anyone who believes that the US has no weapons of mass destruction is unbelievably naive. The US has vast stores of chemical weapons, not to mention enough nukes to wipe out the entire earth 100 times.

Somanyquestions   ·  September 23, 2004 3:27 PM

I think all of this that is happenign is all a bunch of bull shit and we woudlnt be in all of this if the united states would be so fuckign nosy in everyone elses bussines

volleyballgurl   ·  September 23, 2004 4:46 PM

To the person that posted the crap about the Americans raping Iraqi women, Maybe you should check your sources a bit better before sharing crappy links.

Those are not American soldiers raping Iraqi women. That is not the uniform they wearing in the Middle East. Do you not watch the news?

sick and tired   ·  September 23, 2004 5:25 PM

I would like to put my two cents worth in here. First of all these hidious events that are taking place in Iraq must be stopped. Secondly, if people are supposed to think that the reason these contractors are in Iraq is out of the goodness of their hearts and to help this country rebuild, well guess again. You get to go there and only have to stay for a short period of time and you get to make a shit load of money that you pay no or very little taxes on. It's only about the all american dollar. Stay the fuck out of that country until' it has become more safe. If it never does, continue to stay the fuck out of the country. Pretty simple I think. If you go there, prepare to have your friggen head chopped off. Dahhhh.

kebede   ·  September 23, 2004 5:38 PM

I am in agreement with most that the beheadings are barbaric. I can not understand the hatred and lack of compassion that must drive someone to use such a gruesome means of execution. HOWEVER, it must be seen in the context of an occupied country. During the second world war, when France was occupied by the Nazis, the French were "the resistance", here the Iraqis are called "terrorists". What about the thousands of innocent Iraqi women, children and civilians in general that have been killed. Would the world have viewed the execution of Germans in France in the same way? I doubt it. The US has led and illegal war against Iraq, they continue to occupy - showing a lack of respect for the Muslim way of life, and for the people of Iraq in general. No one is forcing these foreign nationals to be in Iraq. Mostly they are there as contractors making money on the back of the American government farming out rebuilding contracts to whom they chose. It is a different story when the hostages are aid workers (like the 2 italian women), but generally they are people out to make money from the misery of a people. There must be something drastically wrong for 2 sides of the Iraqi religious spectrum, the Shia and Sunni faiths, to combine in their distrust and hatred of the "coalition" forces.

I am sure this will generate negative comment from the type of naive, brainwashed, redneck, "lets use nuclear weapons" morons who are afraid to use their name or leave their email, but then truth hurts

doggydaddy   ·  September 23, 2004 6:51 PM

GWB eats shit sandwiches for lunch

Jack Hoff   ·  September 23, 2004 9:25 PM

Bravo to you doggydaddy for your comments. I fully agree with you. By the way, look even further back into history and what happened to the Indians in this country. What in God's name makes people do these things to other people?

kebede   ·  September 23, 2004 9:38 PM

You wrote:
"As you see if they rape their women, they kill Americans in Iraq like this"

In response to your comments you must be one of two things: A) A racial Islamic extremist. Or B) an anti-American dip who could use "hooked on Phonics".

I say this because you used the term "they rape their women" not sure what you mean here? I can only deduct or assume by the context and the second sentence of your post, you are referring to US soldiers as "they" or in other words the rapists. Well if the US soldiers are "they" then that would make you "them" (the racial Islamic extremist I mean in case this got too deep for you, and I lost you).

That being so if you are “them” I would like you to know that you guys are cowards and you will surely burn in the pits of Hell! You will burn because, first off you believe a lie as truth, and secondly for killing civilians, women and children. God forbid you kill your own people! Your own country men! As per your claim getting raped is far from getting beheaded on the any scale of justice, biblical or other wise.

This lead us to the truth, that you are sick and manic perverts, who have a hideous religion of irreligion. You hide behind masks like the cowards you are. Soldiers fight soldiers not women, children and non-combatants.

You cut off heads in the name of your anti-god. If you were praying to the real God when doing so, you would have an uncovered head. Being right before the real God you would not have to hide your head or faces!

As far as the link with the pictures, who is behind that I wonder? I never wore that uniform when I served in the Army; we wore desert bdu in the first golf war. While can't say with certainty that US soldiers have not raped Iraq women. War is hell on earth even apart from the savagery of the battle field. The one thing you can count on is the maliciousness of man. And horrifying things happen (both sides).

If you really believe those pictures your a dip-shit and need to pull your head out of your ass.

p.s. I'm hopeful that you can't reproduce!


excorp   ·  September 24, 2004 12:13 AM

i am not muslim..but yes i am anti american..i meant if american soldiers rape iraqi women, then iraqi men kill american people like that.. i dont mean its nice to beheade people like that...but dont forget US killed many innocent people in Iraq..

excalibur   ·  September 24, 2004 10:56 AM

You really have to watch one of these beheading videos, just once in your life. Doing so will remind you of why we are in Iraq and what sort of monsters we are facing. What human could behead a live, breathing and very much awake fellow human? The same sort of human who killed six million jews? We have met the enemy, and they are us.

InaMay   ·  September 24, 2004 8:02 PM

I agree with the person who said the civilians should have cleared out of Iraq long ago. How much money is it worth to you to be beheaded? Your families have paid a very large price in the name of earning some fast money in Iraq. I pray that you rest in peace and I am sorry for the violent may in which you died. American civilians should all come home right now. Bad enough that our soldiers are dying over there.

InaMay   ·  September 24, 2004 8:11 PM

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