You may already have been asked for $1 Million!

Remember how the Kerry–Edwards ticket was going to be the alternative to negative campaigning? Well, here's something fun that came in the mail:

Dear [name withheld],

I am rushing this message to you just hours after accepting the Democratic nomination.

Our campaign to end the Bush presidency and move America forward is now in its most critical stage. The Bush Republicans have wasted little time in trying to disrupt the strong momentum we gained in Boston.

But, with your immediate help, the powerful grassroots movement we have built won't yield an inch.

If you want to help drive George Bush from the White House and win other critical 2004 contests, now is the time for you to act. By rushing as generous a donation as you can possibly afford, you can move our campaign closer to victory.

The stakes couldn't be any higher — and your immediate personal involvement has never been more essential.

From reviving our economy … to restoring respect for America around the world … to ending Republican assaults on Medicare and Social Security … to solving America's health care crisis, we've got everything on the line in these elections.

(over, please)

[page end]


So, we're pulling out all the stops to break George Bush's grip on the White House and win other critical electoral contests.

From this point forward, our campaign will be a flurry of fast-paced activity. Nothing is more important than you lending your immediate support to the Democratic National Committee's efforts to build a massive grassroots organization.

We're going to win this election by campaigning door-to-door, face-to-face, fighting for every vote right through November 2nd.

And, when our remarkable campaign is over, the real story of 2004 will be the tale of millions of Americans who came together and, with unmatched determination and spirit, wrestled power from George Bush and led America in a new, more promising direction.

It's the most important election of our lifetime — and I'm counting on you to help pull us through to victory. So are other candidates locked in tough contests against well-funded GOP opponents.

You and I have America's future in our hands. Together, let's drive forward to victory.


John Kerry

P.S. There's another reason why your decision to act right now is so essential. George Bush has five more weeks to raise and spend tens of millions of dollars from his primary campaign war chest. Only an especially vibrant Democratic National Committee effort in the weeks ahead can help us overcome the Bush primary campaign's $50 million August advantage.

1-877-DEMS-2004 •

Let's get that son of a bitch!

Here's the front of the envelope:


And the back:


And you can see the actual letter here and here.

But seriously folks, Kerry and Edwards have a zero tolerance policy on negativity. Just ask Tuhrayza Heinz, as she shouts, "they want four more years of hell!," to the delight of her husband and the converted masses in the crowd.

BONUS: In today's installment of the MISPRONUNCITATION MINUTE, we return to Senator Kerry, who was heard on the radio yesterday telling a crowd that to effectively fight a war on terror, we must have better relationships with the rest of the world, "than we's ever had before."

You tells 'em, John!

posted by Dennis on 08.04.04 at 10:10 AM


The usual pablum, in other words. I haven't got anything from the Kerry campaign, but for the last few months I've been getting lots of spam in my e-mail from the Bush campaign.

The only way we're going to be respected in the world is if we tell the U.N. to "shove it" and start killing our enemies instead of coddling them. Nobody respects a wimp.

Steven, how un-UN of you!

Eric Scheie   ·  August 5, 2004 9:49 AM

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