Are you now, or have you ever been, "un-Pennsylvanian"?

Teresa Heinz Kerry's "un-American" remark continue to puzzle people (as does her outburst), but not much has been said about the accompanying (and possibly more puzzling) remark about "un-Pennsylvanian" traits.

Former Pennsylvanian Lionel Waxman posed a direct question:

Somehow, lost in the furor over Teresa’s comments the other day which included, “un-American” and “shove it,” was a peculiar phrase, “un-Pennsylvanian.” I claim some expertise in this area, being a refugee from Pennsylvania. It is unknown to me. Perhaps it is a recent addition to lexicon there. Perhaps it is a western Pennsylvania thing. I’m from Philly.

After cursory investigation yielded nothing, I am forced to resort to my readers. If you can contribute insight into this expression, I would appreciate your enlightening me.

I'm from Philly too, but I'm just as stumped. Maybe it be a Pittsburgh thing? (The reporter told to "shove it" is from a Pittsburgh newspaper.....)

Another editorial writer speculates that the remark touches on how much of Pennsylvania you own:

Heinz Kerry actually used three different weapons of rhetorical destruction. The day before "shove it," she accused unnamed opponents of "un-American traits." (Then she foolishly denied having said it.)

But Heinz Kerry didn't settle for un-American. She also called her unnamed enemies "un-Pennsylvanian." This went too far. Many of us feel that we are insufficiently Pennsylvanian, but we don't wish to be reminded of this. We do what we can. We buy Quaker State motor oil. We remind ourselves that Pittsburgh is the one on the left. But let's face it: We can never be as Pennsylvanian as a woman who owns a huge chunk of the state.

I don't know what she meant, but now that I'm thinking it over, I wonder if she might be talking about Pennsylvanians like me (I was born here) who take up residence in another state (in my case, California). In logic, that's un-Pennsylvanian conduct, although when I'm here in Pennsylvania, wouldn't that also make me "un-Californian?"

There's a lot of un-Pennsylvanianism in the country as a whole.

How can we ever hope to turn back the tide?

UDATE: Sean Kinsell left the following comment with Mrs. du Toit:

WTF is an “un-Pennsylvanian” trait? The desire to move to New Jersey?
I think that would qualify around here!

posted by Eric on 08.04.04 at 02:06 PM


The Oregon Citizens' Alliance is most decidedly un-Oregonian.

Steven, you sure know how to pick the goodies, don't you?

Most Oregonians do seem sick of it -- particularly of this guy.

There's also some interesting litigation involving him.

Looks like it's "Homo-Fascist Watch" to the rescue! (Sodomite loving judges beware!),10-3Homophobescanrun,buttheycanthide.htm

And surely you remember Scott Lively?

He seems to be at the heart of the dispute:

A jury awarded Stauffer more than $30,000 after she was roughed up by former OCA communications director Scott Lively during an anti-gay event in 1992.

A jury decided that Lively and two alliance operations – the nonprofit education foundation and the political committee created to support a 1992 anti-gay initiative – should each pay Stauffer. Lively paid most of his portion of the judgment, but the Oregon Citizens Alliance has not, and Stauffer is using the courts to get her money.

"The Mabons continue to assert that Oregon courts have no authority over them," said Brent Foster, one of Stauffer's attorneys. The Mabons say the foundation and the political committee have no money to pay Stauffer. Foster said it's just a shell game.

Stauffer, a photojournalist, said: "It's clear that the Mabons would rather go to jail than pay any money to a lesbian." *****

According to this account, Lively "threw Catherine Stauffer, an OCA-infiltrator, against a wall of a church and dragged her by her hair through the halls of the church."

(Lively, you may remember, thinks Hitler was gay....)

Thank you Steven! This is better than TV!
(I mean television, of course....)

Eric Scheie   ·  August 5, 2004 9:43 AM

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