Diversity and other family values

My reaction to this unbelievable nonsense?

No monkeying around; I bought one of the "racist" T-shirts.

While I'll try to be polite to the people who do it, I have nothing but contempt for the tactic of engaging in name calling instead of logical argument. Atrios, or Duncan Black, or whatever his name is, has cheapened dialogue in the blogosphere, and it doesn't reflect well on him. (Or his employer for that matter. Perhaps this is one of the promised "hands-on actions"?)

Anyway, attacks on humor aren't funny (particularly these mean-spirited, intellectually thuggish tactics aimed, unbelievably, at Glenn Reynolds' employer!).

For those who don't read the bigger blogs, Glenn Reynolds has a humorous T-shirt emblazoned with guns followed by the words "CELEBRATE DIVERSITY." It's an attempt to ridicule the left's pathetic and manipulative use of language while reminding them that celebrating freedom -- especially the much-neglected Second Amendment -- is more important than taking seriously their silly code language.

And "diversity" is code language -- every bit as much as the word "family." Another one of those otherwise harmless words which has taken on new meaning thanks to political ideologues. The word deserves ridicule, and in precisely the way the T-shirt ridicules it. Many of those who shout about "DIVERSITY" would imprison people for owning guns just as certainly as many of their counterparts who shout "FAMILY" would imprison people for "sodomy."

As far as I'm concerned, guns and sodomy are part of diversity and family. Duncan Black and Jerry Falwell might want to think about it.

I'm with John Hawkins, Baldilocks, and others who think these people are in desperate need of a sense of humor. That's why I say,


MORE: I see that there's not much "diversity" being practiced by the journalism "family" -- that seeming bastion of "diversity" and other code language. (Via Glenn Reynolds.)

posted by Eric on 08.06.04 at 08:57 AM


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Once again, you said it.

Politically Correct Glossary:
"Diversity" = Uniformity
"Sensitivity" = Servility
"Family" = All Sex Banned Except For Reproduction
"The Children" = Treating Adults Like Children
"Intolerant", "Fascist", "Racist", "Imperialist", etc. = Anti-Communist, Individualist

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