Triggers get depressed and pull themselves!

Here's a story about Jesse Jackson in the Inky's local news section, which reveals some very poor logic at work:

"We sell the most guns. We're the most violent country on Earth, and it doesn't have to be that way," the noted civil-rights activist and former Democratic presidential candidate said as media crews, community activists and curious neighbors watched.

Jackson was promoting the Mother's Day March to Halt the Assault, a national rally against gun violence to be held May 9 in Washington.

...."It's about the accessibility of guns," Dees-Thomases said. "Guns are so easy to get. That's what's causing the killing."

There's no winning an argument with people incapable of logic. Might as well say that cars cause accidents, and scalpels cause abortions!

Anyway, these folks are promoting an inane event called the "Mothers Day March to Halt the Assault."

Assault? They think that while all guns cause shootings, some guns are even more guilty of an evil animus, and these they call "assault weapons." The term is a misnomer, of course, for it prohibits guns of a certain military appearance which otherwise are no different in function than any other semiautomatic firearm which discharges a round when the trigger is pressed. (I almost said "when the trigger is depressed" but I caught myself there!)

True assault weapons are capable of full automatic fire, and have been regulated heavily since the 1930s.

This outfit certainly has a broad and expansive view of the word "assault" though. Their rally features speakers who promise to

share their stories of how violence has impacted their lives and how the gun lobby has assaulted their lives and families.
Hey, do they mean me? I'm a member of the NRA, which is called the "gun lobby."

Can they explain how I've "assaulted their lives and families?"

Maybe I should attend their NRA Blacklist Ball and ask someone. Depending on how much money you pay, you can be at various sponsorship levels; the John Lott sponsor level is the cheapest (I guess they think he'll draw the most purchasers), and the other honorees (ranked from highest to lowest) are: "Charlton Heston" ($75,000), "Wayne LaPierre" ($50,000), "Kayne Robinson" ($25,000), "Rep. Tom DeLay" ($10,000), "Jeff Cooper" ($5000), and "Ted Nugent" ($1000).

I am outraged.

Why isn't my blogfather being honored? And where's Kim du Toit? Or how about Aaron?

The problem with crashing the ball is that I'd have to pay money, which would be spent trying to take away my guns, leaving me helpless against criminals.

Funny thing, how they accuse me of assaulting them, when in reality they're trying to make things easier for people to assault me!

Am I allowed to get all upset and bounce a check for a good cause? It wouldn't be my fault.

Checks are so easy to get. That's why they bounce.

posted by Eric on 05.01.04 at 02:08 PM


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Tracked on May 2, 2004 9:40 AM


Perhaps Rwanda, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc. should be considered before talking about "the most violent country on earth".

Jeff Licquia   ·  May 3, 2004 4:21 PM

I've said it before many, many times and I'll say it again: Gun control works. Ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot...

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