Nick Berg Beheading Video is here

Regular readers may remember my outrage over what was done to Daniel Pearl by our enemies. (I posted about this atrocity several times, here, here, and here.) I also placed the video at this blog (you can stream it here), because I feel very strongly that every American should:

[D]ownload the Daniel Pearl video, watch it, and remind himself that we are in a war, and that there is a detestable, bloodthirsty enemy whose stated goal is to do to all of us exactly what they have shown themselves doing to Daniel Pearl.

I do not believe watching this film shows any disrespect for Daniel Pearl or his family, and I suggest that the best way to respect the memory of Daniel Pearl (lest his death be in vain) is to watch the film, and then resolve that it is time to AVENGE DANIEL PEARL.

Did we need a reminder that we are at war and that the enemy is not nice?

I feel exactly the same way about Nick Berg. I mean no disrespect to his family, but I warn that it is hideous to behold.

These are demons at work.

You can stream the Nick Berg video here. (You may need Windows Media Player.) Or, you can download it where I did -- here. (Via Ricky Vandal, who posted it at Wizbang, and also left a helpful comment here earlier.)

When you watch it, remember why we we fight: it's to stop the demons who did this to Nick Berg.

I'll repeat myself because I must emphasize what too many people will not hear: they are demons.

This video is a good thing to keep in mind the next time someone complains about "demonization."

No "demonization" is necessary here.

It's even a redundancy.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds, as usual, has the best take on the huge demand for the Nick Berg video: the "Old Media" are avoiding reporting and downplaying this atrocity to the best of their ability.

Doubtless they don't think it's right for Americans to see their enemies for what they are. (Especially if it might help Bush.)

Shame on them!

MORE: A few excellent comments on this video. Here's Charles Johnson:

remember this: what you see in this video is what the mujahideen would like to do to each and every one of us.
Damned right they would.

And here's Evan Coyne Maloney:

if seeing the gruesome images of Nick Berg's beheading gives us the mettle required to win this war, then he will not have died in vain. (Via InstaPundit.)
And finally, from an Andrew Sullivan reader:
Into this void [of the Abu Ghraib allegations] gets poured the images of an innocent civilian being savagely beheaded. Now unencumbered by unspoken assumptions that this would be easy, I see the true nature of what we are up against, and am more committed to winning this thing than ever before. I wonder if many in the blogosphere are experiencing the same phenomenon. (Via Glenn Reynolds.)
I don't wonder. I can see it.

UPDATE: I just learned that the file I uploaded for streaming has been disabled by my web host, as the traffic was "creating significant issues within the network, as you might imagine, and the server you're on is now running at approximately 25x the normal traffic level and helping to saturate our feed at the network level." My apologies to anyone who is disappointed. My hosting service (HostMatters) has been very patient and tolerant of this obvious inconvenience, and they're not even charging me.

So don't blame them. They're great!

As to arranging an alternate URL, for now the best I can do is to make it available at another web site I hardly ever use. I don't know how long they'll let me get away with this, but here's the new link.

If that doesn't work, you can download it -- here, or check for more links here.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If the above link does not work, try opening your Windows Media Player (I got it to work in an old version), go to File>Open. Then copy and paste this URL:

No guarantees, but I tried it and it worked for me.

MORE: Additional sites which stream can be found here. And I have posted a zip file here.

TO ALL WHO ARE NEW AND HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO: Please read this open letter from Rich Marotti:

THIS IS NOT AN ISOLATED OCCURENCE! If you are unfamiliar with the blogosphere, get familiar with it now. We break and cover stories like this all of the time. We are largely honest in our coverage, if not always objective. We cover the stories that Big Media does not, because of their agendas, because of their connections, or for any other reasons. Don't make your search for this one tragic story your last stop in the blogosphere. We offer honesty and (most of the time) truth on a regular basis. Try finding that in the New York Times.


Rich Marotti, author of Seldom Sober (Via InstaPundit.)

It's well worth going to Rich Marotti's site and reading THE WHOLE THING. (Especially some of you, who may be new readers unfamiliar with the blogosphere.)

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The number of visits I am getting as a result of the Nick Berg video is quite unprecedented, and I want visitors to understand that while I am surprised (and a little overwhelmed), I do appreciate your visiting.

However, I would appreciate it if all new visitors would kindly bear in mind that this site is not devoted to the Nick Berg video or the Daniel Pearl video. I am a daily blogger, simply doing what I did in the case of Daniel Pearl -- making available an important piece of news not generally made available by the mainstream media. (More background here.) It bothers me that major news outlets like Dan Rather's CBS News refuse to let you see this video, while at the same time they inundate you with countless images from the Abu Ghraib prison. This story is vitally important, and I believe that viewing the video adds much-needed perspective to today's events.

I have much more to say about the war in Iraq, and other issues (both serious and light-hearted) in my blog. Any readers who might interested, please visit this blog's main page.

Thank you,

Eric Scheie

P.S. In the interest of avoiding confusion, once again let me say that the video can (I hope) be streamed here (follow the above instructions), or downloaded as a zip file here. And if that doesn't work, there are many more sites listed at Wizbang. It shouldn't have to be such a hassle to get something so newsworthy, but for that you can thank the "Old Media©."

EDUCATIONAL NOTE: Some of the new readers who have come here in search of the Nick Berg video might be too shy to ask a basic (but very legitimate) question like "What is blogging?" Hey, I've only been blogging for a year, so I don't blame you. Lots of people still don't know much about it, and I'm still learning myself. Here are a few good introductory essays:

  • "The Good, The Bad, and the Blogly", a Glenn Reynolds classic.
  • "The Art of Blogging", by George Siemens.
  • "Welcome to the Blogosphere" -- from PBS.
  • UPDATE: I didn't think there'd be any more to add until I read these words from Bill Whittle:

    Shouts of Allahu Akbar! were not overdubbed by western propaganda agencies as they sawed through Nick Berg’s throat and twisted off his head. Those are authentic. As they got down to their filthy work they were screaming, over and over in a fit of religious ecstasy: God is Great! Nick Berg was nothing more than an animal sacrifice to them. That is Radical Islam.

    The only thing that will appease them is your blood. All of it. Remember that.

    Anyone who came here to download the Nick Berg video owes it to himself to read the whole thing.

    MORE (6-18-04): I feel the same way about the savage murders of Paul Johnson and Robert Jacobs that I did about the butchery of Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg, and I have made more material available (videos, photos, links, plus additional discussion) here and here for all who are interested.

    The argument that the CIA is butchering all these Americans in some sort of "false flag" operation is wearing a bit thin, I'm afraid....

    UPDATE (09/27/04): I see that this post is still attracting web traffic, which is probably related to the savage beheadings of Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley. Please be careful about watching them (the Armstrong video in particular is the worst I've seen) but here is the link to the Armstrong video. Dr. Rusty Shackleford links to NEIN which also hosting the video. (Another download site is here.

    Once again, Americans need to remember what we are fighting, and why. It's nothing less than a war between civilization and barbarism. I won't mince words here: I believe those who defend the torturers of Americans are the enemy, plain and simple. Here's Bat Ye'or, author of Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide:

    The war against a global jihadist terrorism can be won only if the civilized world is united against barbarity. Until now European democracies supported Arafat, the initiator of jihadist terrorism, hostage-taking and Islamikazes. The war will be won if we name it, if we face it, if we recognize that it obeys specific rules of Islamic war that are not ours; and if democracies and Muslim modernists stop justifying these acts against other countries. The policy of collusion and support for terrorists in order to gain self-protection is a delusion.
    On 09/23/04, the bloody bastards supplied their hideous video of Jack Hensley being beheaded, which is available here and here.

    If you're as appalled as I was, you might consider donating to the Jack Hensley Foundation.

    (Via Dr. Rusty Shackleford.)

    MORE: While comments are closed, I thought the comment of "Shade" was worth an answer, so I'll repeat: the people who did the beheadings are demons. That is no more a condemnation of "the populations of entire countries based on the actions of some" than a condemnation Charles Manson or John Wayne Gacy (or Americans who committed crimes at Abu Ghraib) would condemn the population of the United States.

    posted by Eric on 05.13.04 at 04:57 PM


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    I have several times viewed the murders of both Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg. Both are egregious, but it is Nick's murder that most sticks in my mind. His sitting in front of his murderers with no idea of what awaits him in just a few moments' time. His complete innocence and the unjustified and cruel murder. I have no animosity or hate for his killers. I pray for them. "God so loved the world..."

    Jimmy   ·  May 13, 2004 8:18 PM

    Jimmy is much more charitable than I am. Maybe we need more like him and fewer like me. You are a good man, Jimmy, and I wish I could be the same way. All I can say is: The enemy is the enemy is the enemy. They are demons and I hate their guts and wish them all dead. And I despise anybody in the media who covers up for them for whatever reason.

    I don't think americans are doing the rigth thing either...and what about the abuse of prisioners in Irak?

    roc   ·  May 14, 2004 7:07 PM

    Kell 'em all,
    Let Allah sort them out!

    El Rayo-X   ·  May 14, 2004 7:26 PM

    Yeah! I´m with Roc....First of all I think we shouldn´t have had attack those countries... I´m not saying Nick´s decapitation it´s ok...but shouldn´t we be judjing Bush and the government for the lies they told us?
    Second...After all the lies the government has told US we can not trust all the things that they some web pages they are questioning if the video that shows Nick´s decapitation wasn´t made buy the US army so as to make the world believe that the Irakies are bad! (googled to find more info)

    Rich   ·  May 14, 2004 7:31 PM

    let the iraq scum that as caused this, roast in hell, if this war isnt sorted in the next year, I will sign up myself. Those scumbags have only had a couple of ropes tied round there necks and already they are squealing "moma" and a majority of the images weren't even that bad, normal practice in my eyes

    Force of Good   ·  May 14, 2004 7:56 PM

    just a small point, as anyone thought why they are prisoners???, think about it :/

    Force of Good   ·  May 14, 2004 8:00 PM

    No, I guess we should have just left the IRAQI people to be tortured and waited until SADAM did gain nuclear power and nukes us on our own soil before we went in.

    I dislike this administration and don't agree with much of what they do, but remember, it was the policy of even the Clinton administration to change the regime in IRAQ.

    We didn't attack the IRAQI people. We tried to free them.

    What was done in those prisons is inexcusable but that is not America. That is the actions of a handful and one of them is now talking and saying that his superiors had no idea what was going on.

    Try and grow a brain and think for yourself and don't be a mindless f*ck that just touts anti-bush'isms.

    I don't like war, but what we did for the IRAQI people is a good thing. If they'd stop fighting us, we could turn the country back over to them and back out. I guess they'd rather be tortured and killed by Sadam the way they have been for so long before.

    The media looks for conflict and sensationalism, but I've got to tell you, its the media that is killing american's in IRAQ right now. If the media wasn't so anxious to air any opposition to the war they could find, we might could reach the point where the IRAQI people would trust us enough to let us give them control of their own government instead of suicide bombing our innocent soldiers who went in to try to help them out.

    Scott   ·  May 14, 2004 8:14 PM

    Daniel pearl should never have been there. Sad as it is he must have had a death wish. Very very sad but so unecassary. excuse the spelling.

    Anonymous   ·  May 14, 2004 8:44 PM

    We truly and most deeply are sadden within this terrible matter of deaths beyond these young men.We hope those mofo's die!! (The killers were insisting)We can't even believe this happend. I mean here we are putting around websites..then this thing pops up.WOAH! its a freakin guys head getting cut off! we were horriby nightmared, it was not a great thing to see. We were interested in the fact of this situation, so we went to links and got more info about it...please, be careful if you want to see this :-(
    2 fine hot ladies:-) Molly, Kristi

    Mollz and Kristi   ·  May 14, 2004 8:54 PM

    Hey, that was really tough to watch but it really does give me a feel for how anti-american these people are. To listen to them spout off in a language that I don't understand I can just sense their anger, and that's what it is. We cannot allow these people to continue to kill innocent Americans, we must fight the fight until it doesn't need to be fought anymore. I pray for our troops everywhere in the world and pray for wisdom for our leaders. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN WATCH THIS but be honest with them and talk to them about it.

    Schoon   ·  May 14, 2004 9:12 PM

    I, would like to comment on the recent and senseless murder of Nick Berg. I think that it is time for all Americans to wake up and see what is happening over in Iraq. Although I may not agree with the way our government is handling the situation over in Iraq, I do think that we should all be supporting our troops.

    What were we to do wait and let Saddam Hussein attack our homeland just like Osama Bin Laden did.
    I look at it as a form of preventative maintenance to keep our families safe from another 9/11.

    My heart goes out to Nick's family in their time of loss. I hope that they know that God is with them and he will comfort them. God bless.

    shane   ·  May 14, 2004 9:57 PM

    I am so glad that God allowed Bush to be our President during this whole conflict. I pray that God would have mercy on America, and let him be our President for another term. We need someone with backbone at a time when our enemies want us all bowing to Allah or dead.

    Buck Schmidt

    Buck Schmidt   ·  May 14, 2004 10:45 PM

    berg beheading video - Northeast Intelligence Network

    Karol   ·  May 14, 2004 11:09 PM

    Blow Iraq into submission.When there's no chance of re-introducing the breed, give what's left to Arafat and his people. Two problems solved. Or, just take out the whole middle east, keep the oil and the whole world will be better off.

    Anonymous   ·  May 15, 2004 2:04 AM

    Speaking as a human being and a Muslim, I would like to categorically, without any reservation say Nick's brutal murder is unislamic, barbaric, cowardly and has done serious damage to Islam. Those that committed the act are not Muslims, they are simply barbarians. Nick was not a combatant and even if he was, he was already captured and no longer a danger.

    I am so ashamed of those that committed the dastardly act. They will certainly burn in hell for all eternity in-sha-Allah.

    Sure American governments do some crazy, insane and inhumane things, including killing thousands of innocent children, men and women. President Bush and his administration are guilty of the equally senseless murder of thousands of Iraqis.

    For those that say Bush is right, that he is strong leader etc, they are missing the point. In more ways than we like to admit, Bush and his administration are responsible for some of the same madness we are dealing with. The whole world supported America after 911! It is worth restating the whole world supported America after 911, the world supported going after the terrorists in Afghanistan and other places. Sadam had nothing to do with 911 and even the CIA and other intelligent agencies have clearly said, Sadam and the terrorists didn’t see things the same way. For sure, Sadam hated what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians -- but he had nothing to do with Al Qaeda, so Bush has no business in Iraq, especially the way he did it, he couldn’t care less about what the rest of the world thought and now we are seeing some of the results of the arrogance and stupid bravado. If Bush is that brave, why didn’t he go to Vietnam, why did he dodge doing his duty as an American? It is easy to send the sons and daughters of poor and middle class citizens to war, how about the children of the rich and powerful?

    For sure Nick had nothing to do with all that madness, his murder is senseless and barbaric and I will never support it no matter what. Those responsible should be hunted down like the mad dogs they are.

    For those that support America and its leaders blindly, let me say, they are also part of the problem, they are also guilty in helping create the type of conditions that led to Nick’s senseless death. We must question and hold our leaders accountable. We can’t continue to see things only from our perspectives and only our interests. America is not always right, America is not always innocent and the whole world is not crazy. There are cases where America is wrong, where America is the guilty party – we must have the courage, integrity and basic human decency to call a spade a spade. Blind loyalty to America is a grave disservice to America – extremism and unquestioning loyalty are dangerous no matter who practices them. My loyalty is to justice for ALL human beings regardless of race, gender, religion or nationality.

    Yes, I do and will always support America when it is right, when it is doing the right thing. SURE America does a lot of good in this world and the world will be worse of if America refuse to get involved, but we must be careful and intelligent citizens. Supporting Bush and his administration blindly is ungodly, uncivilized and dangerous to America’s interests.

    Sal   ·  May 15, 2004 2:24 AM

    Look if we didn't jump into the fire we wouldn't be getting burned...And as so called quit as kept we have a pretty bad track record here. So before we can clean up all the so called monsters over there we need to clean up the beast right here in the good ole USA.

    jp   ·  May 15, 2004 2:42 AM

    Very well said Sal. I agree with your comments. As an American Muslim, beheading of Mr. Berg is a barbaric act that does not represent Islam. There is no religion in the world that will permit its followers to commit this evil act. These animals who murdered Mr. Berg should be hunted down and we should do to them what they have done to our fellow citizen "EYE FOR AN EYE".

    As for Mr. Bush, I do not agree with his policies any more. He is making our world more dangerous not safer. He is creating more hatred against us in all over the world. We can't safely travel anywhere anymore. Sadly I did vote for Mr. Bush but no more Mr. President.

    Yes, we do need to get the bad guys. However, we should do it the American way, the smart way. Two wrongs will never make it right...

    Sam   ·  May 15, 2004 3:55 AM

    sick f#$ks, SICK FUCKS... i was bi partisan before, and now i know, its us against them. they all must die....

    DK   ·  May 15, 2004 4:53 AM

    i was for the war to begin with and still am. but that is some messed up sh** that the iraqi's did to our men over there. it is ok for them to do that type of bullsh** to our guys and it will be ok but the minute we do someting to give them a taste of there own medicine everyone who is american freaks out. and i support those american soldiers who did that to those iraqi prisoners. good job guys.

    cl   ·  May 15, 2004 8:30 AM

    Daniel Pearl "had a death wish"?? No, he did not! What a lousy "talking point" and a rotten thing to say!

    Be careful about down;loading the video!!!! Right click on the links and check the properties FIRST. If you see .wmv, or something similar, it's a virus. Just remember, there are a lot of scumbags out there. And, by the way, no, I didn't get one :)

    Vibeguyy   ·  May 15, 2004 10:26 AM


    Sorry but you are mistaken there. The .wmv ending is perfectly legitimate:

    ** **

    WMV stands for Windows Media Video -- developed and controlled by Microsoft.

    I can't speak for other files out there, but the one I have posted is not a virus.

    Eric Scheie   ·  May 15, 2004 10:54 AM

    The "beheading" was a false-flag operation, designed by the US to deflect outrage over Abu Ghraib.

    Anonymous   ·  May 15, 2004 11:13 AM

    Hey there, anonymous, I don't know who you are but you seem to be in St. Louis. Have you any basis for your "false flag" assertion? If not, then your assertion is no more valid than if I asserted that Hillary Clinton and Karl Rove were behind the beheading.

    Eric Scheie   ·  May 15, 2004 11:27 AM

    Pray for Nick Berg's family, I have not seen the video but I have seen the pictures, they are awful. No one, not even our enemies deserve that death. Support our troops and pray for peace.

    Anonymous   ·  May 15, 2004 12:06 PM

    The liberal people of the united states will destroy the whole country if we follow thair medecin, we need to put fear in to any one that does terror against our people.
    They need to under stand that the price will be to high if we are attacked by the thousands or one on one.
    The jews have learned that the only way to survive against the savage,subhuman,pond scum it to kill them in retaliation.
    We can not negociate with animals.
    The arab cultere destroys everything and creats nothing.
    We put men on the moon they blow up people
    We invent the light bulb they blow up people
    We give the auto to the masses and they blow up people.
    thair culture is not worth saveing and is dangerous to our safty.
    We need to kill as many of them as it takes till they learn that they will be wiped out if they continue.
    personaly I am for werk macht free. and gas chambers. the final solution.

    jim young   ·  May 15, 2004 12:12 PM

    Did Pakistan really didn't receive the F16's?

    The US is well known for their lack of promise. Such as the breaking of Communiques, treaties, and other national issues involving not only things like the F16's that Pakistan paid for but never recieved, but also things like the full and true backing of China's "One China" policy. They have given countries like Taiwan advanced weapons to fight or "defend" against China.. to put simply, they're giving tools for Chinese to kill each other.

    Does that remind us of another case? If no, what about the "divided up India" in the past, that led to the current "One Pakistan, One India" situation that we have at the moment? That was due to the British..

    Anyway, whatever policies, treaties, promises and miscellaneous contracts countries like the US breaks, it does not justify the murdering of innocent people like Nick. Killing civilians does not force a government's hand, only supports it. For example, the Madrid Bombing. That got the Spanish President Re-elected.

    Those terrorists shouldn't play such a game by putting innocent ppl at risk of death, because at the end of the day, they need more civilians sympathising their cause (supposedly) to they could somehow eventually (based on their causes for terrorism) get their views and opinions across, using the ONLY right medium and method: Peace.

    Peace to you all :)

    "Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace..."

    Exerpt from the song "Imagine" - John Lennon

    John Doe   ·  May 15, 2004 1:23 PM

    Nick Berg's murderers will see justice.

    They have done an excellent job of making Nick Berg a martyr for Nick Berg's cause. His cause was to give up all worldly posssesions to help some more unfortunate people, despite their hostility. Their ill treatment of justice and of an innocent with such helpful intensions reveals the failure of their religion.

    Because of Nick Berg's love and willingness to help others, there are even more children hearing of this story than 9.11 and asking, "What can I do to rid the world of terrorism."

    In the end, these murderers (just like the prison guards who humiliated Iraqis prisoners) will be dealt justice and they will find themselves saying "God is great..." To Nick Berg's God.


    Bunch   ·  May 15, 2004 1:31 PM

    hey people just has bush said ,"there is no justification to what those animals did to berg"

    those guys are no longer humans, wat i think is that some one should do the world a favour and detonate one or as many nukes as possible that will wipe all of us from the face of the earth!
    we no longer deserve to exist in it like this.

    jibosky   ·  May 15, 2004 1:53 PM

    There is no justification for what they did to Berg. But there is also no justification for American soldiers that are gang-raping Iraqui refugees. You can find the pictures on the net...they are extremely wonder the American government doesn't want these to leak...whoever has the guts to expose these (bring them to light to the media) will be one very brave individual

    Anonymous   ·  May 15, 2004 2:02 PM

    There is no justification for what they did to Berg. But there is also no justification for American soldiers that are gang-raping Iraqui refugees. You can find the pictures on the net...they are extremely wonder the American government doesn't want these to leak...whoever has the guts to expose these (bring them to light to the media) will be one very brave individual

    Anonymous   ·  May 15, 2004 2:04 PM

    Nick Berg's death as horrible as it is was not a shock to me. Our "friends" the Saudi's use public beheading as their preferred means of capital punishement. We can expect many more of these types of heinous acts as long as we remain in Iraq.

    I personnaly do not believe that War was justified in Iraq because, if you do your homework, you will find that he never posed any threat to us. Nothing nada. When he was our friend (the enemy of our enemy is our friend) we gave him WMD which he used, with our knowledge and apparant approval, during the Iran Iraq war. Finding how well they worked he used them on his political enemies the Kurds.

    After the First Gulf was which could have been avoided, President George H Bush's administration urgered the Shia Moslems to rise up against Saddam and we would back them. They did we didn't.

    The citizens of Iraq remember this whereas the American citizens do not because they don't sdo their homework and read. With the internet, there is no excuse not to know.

    Iraq will never be at peace while the American's are there because they do not trust us and it's our own fault.

    No WMD, no tie to the terrorists (15 came from Saudi Arabia) Iraqies don't want us, what the heck are we doing there. Again, read, do your homework and you'll see that we should have invaded the Saudi's instead. Their people hate the Royal family. The army is there only to protect the House of Saud.

    We have taken Iraq, the only seculer state in the region and are turning it into another Theocracy.

    Oh by the way, I'm a Viet Nam Veteran I've been through this before

    AZLIBERAL   ·  May 15, 2004 3:28 PM

    "Try and grow a brain and think for yourself and don't be a mindless f*ck that just touts anti-bush'isms."

    I honestly have to comment on this statement.

    Have you stopped to think that maybe you are the mindless "f*ck" who is being led by a chain by the US government? Lets take into consideration how many times we have been lied to by the Bush administration. Did you really beleive that Iraq had anything to do with 9-11?

    I must say I DO NOT condone what was done by Saddam to his people all these years. But with all of our "American intelligence" why did we not know about him killing his people back when we supplied billions of dollars to him to fight Iran? We also supplied funds to Iran in the same war. If you take a look at our history with the arabic nations, we end up looking like hipocrytes. We supplied funds to Iraq, in a sence making Saddam a rich man, to buy weapons to kill Iranians. Now we go to Iraq to fight them, and they are killing americans with the weapons we bought for them. This is what happens when a country steps in where they do not belong. I feel for all those killed in action. I only wish our government would feel for them as well. Wars should be fought to protect our country, not to "take over the world" and thats exactly whats going on now. One man with a power trip, who lies to congress to approve a war that should have never happened.

    And before anyone says "We are protecting our country from terrorists" Might I remind you that there was never a connection to Iraq and 9-11. That was just another Bush Lie. And if Iraq was such a threat to American Soil, then "Why did it take 6 fu*king weeks to take over their whole country? You couldnt take over brooklyn in that amount of time"

    Braahp   ·  May 15, 2004 3:31 PM

    I guess I missed this the first time around:

    "These animals who murdered Mr. Berg should be hunted down and we should do to them what they have done to our fellow citizen "EYE FOR AN EYE"."

    "Yes, we do need to get the bad guys. However,
    we should do it the American way, the smart way.
    Two wrongs will never make it right..."

    These statements are made by a poster named Sam. All I can say sam, is your whole post is typical hypocritical mumbo jumbo. You speak of being a Muslum, and how no religion would ever condone murder, yet you see this world as an "EYE FOR AN EYE"

    So which is it sam?

    Braahp   ·  May 15, 2004 4:02 PM

    I think where Bush went wrong was in trying to gain popular opinion to go into IRAQ and I don't believe, nor have I ever that Sadam was behind 9-11 or even had anything to do with it.

    I'm not convinced either way on the WMD thing. If there never were any, why all the games and deception leading up to this, he could have just let the inspectors in to prove him right.

    It turned out to be a costly game.

    I don't agree with Bush on OIL either. When gas was $1.50 gallon and his administration was saying that they backed OPEC, I think he was a moron. Medicare prescription plan, not adequate.

    I don't care for Bush, but he was a better choice last election and will be a better choice for the upcoming election.

    I think he should have grown some balls back then and instead of trying to appease everyone he should have just been straight forward about his desire to change the regime in IRAQ. Again, this desire differs not from the first Bush or Clinton. Clinton was too chicken shit and this Bush tried to hard to please everyone.

    Sorry, I'm not mindless in favor of him. Worse yet, now that we're in there, we MUST finish the job. Or lest we become like Spain. You think that train blast was the last for them since they succumbed. It's just the beginning. Spain has proven that they will tuck tail and run if the terrorists hit close enough to home.

    They hate us with a passion and they'll attack us no less just because of that. But next time they disagree with Spain, it won't be hate, it will be strategy. ***BOOM*** ***BOOM***. Because it gets their way.

    Scott   ·  May 15, 2004 4:44 PM

    the video of nick berg is a fake, he's still screaming when the knife is still in his neck, & plus, blood would have been shooting out everywhere, Think about it, he would have been dead as soon as that knife was cut into his neck.

    Anonymous   ·  May 16, 2004 4:30 PM

    Today's Sunday paper from a major US city devoted 8 separate articles to the "humiliation" of Iraqi prisoners. Number of articles for the Berg decapitation? 1. This, quite simply, is unadulterated bullshit. We humiliate a couple of thugs, but we are the bad guys. Never mind an INNOCENT civillian was decapitated by a bunch of Islamic punks. Hell, the guys we humiliated still have their damn heads for crying out loud.

    As for the moron who posted the comment referring to the video being fake, you are obviously not a doctor nor are you familiar with video. If you look closely, there is blood pooled near the head. But, genius boy/girl, the video is FUZZY. So naturally it is hard to see it without concentrating on what you are looking for. And boy/girl wonder, simply sticking a knife into someone's neck will not kill them. (A day laborer in California had 5 or 6 nails from a nail gun in his head and lived.) If you listen closely, you can hear Berg's screams turn to gags as the cowards hiding behind the masks slit his larynx. Go back to playing XBox, little kid, and let the facts get sorted by the adults. Run along! Your mommy needs to use the phone!

    KISS fan   ·  May 16, 2004 4:55 PM

    I am just in awe over some of the ignorant things that have been posted on here! I am disgusted to read such remarks as "he must have had a death wish" (regarding Daniel Pearl). The sad thing is that we do not have enough brave people such as Mr. Pearl and Mr. Berg, who are willing to put their own lives on the line to make such huge sacrafices to help innocent people over in foreign countries (who have been tormented by such a$$holes as those who have taken the lives of these and so many other brave men and women) and try to keep us protected from more terrorist attacks like the horror we had to endure on 9/11; and inform us of what is taking place as we sit at home going about our daily business. It's easy to sit and hide behind a keyboard and make such stupid accusations, but just imagine that it was you, or your brother, father or son that was being tortured and brutally murdered, how smuck would you be then? Maybe that was a stupid question, because I don't think that "you", after having said that brave, innocent people who were trying to make a difference were "asking for a death wish", would be anywhere near leaving your cushy environment to help anybody but yourslef. So think about that for a second, and don't even bother to take yourself out of your room where you have internet access and who only knows what else, but maybe think about how you would feel if these heartless cowards had pubically executed your brother or sister, wife or husband, son or daughter, mother or father... how would you feel then? Would they have been "asking for it? My guess is NOT, your insensitive pr!ck.

    Karen   ·  May 16, 2004 6:20 PM

    I am just in awe over some of the ignorant things that have been posted on here! I am disgusted to read such remarks as "he must have had a death wish" (regarding Daniel Pearl). The sad thing is that we do not have enough brave people such as Mr. Pearl and Mr. Berg, who are willing to put their own lives on the line to make such huge sacrafices to help innocent people over in foreign countries (who have been tormented by such a$$holes as those who have taken the lives of these and so many other brave men and women) and try to keep us protected from more terrorist attacks like the horror we had to endure on 9/11; and inform us of what is taking place as we sit at home going about our daily business. It's easy to sit and hide behind a keyboard and make such stupid accusations, but just imagine that it was you, or your brother, father or son that was being tortured and brutally murdered, how smuck would you be then? Maybe that was a stupid question, because I don't think that "you", after having said that brave, innocent people who were trying to make a difference were "asking for a death wish", would be anywhere near leaving your cushy environment to help anybody but yourslef. So think about that for a second, and don't even bother to take yourself out of your room where you have internet access and who only knows what else, but maybe think about how you would feel if these heartless cowards had publically executed your brother or sister, wife or husband, son or daughter, mother or father... how would you feel then? Would they have been "asking for it"? My guess is NOT, you insensitive pr!ck.

    Anonymous   ·  May 16, 2004 6:28 PM

    Why havn't we pulled our troops out of Iraq already? We don't have a right to be there, the United States tends to try and change the Middle Eastern government, why can't we just help and when needed and stay out of everyone's buisness? Unless they ask for our help, we should not include ourselves.

    KB   ·  May 16, 2004 7:05 PM

    Why havn't we pulled our troops out of Iraq already? We don't have a right to be there, the United States tends to try and change the Middle Eastern government, why can't we just help and when needed and stay out of everyone's buisness? Unless they ask for our help, we should not include ourselves.

    ~Sorry for being a tad off topic

    KB   ·  May 16, 2004 7:27 PM

    i think what they did to him is terrible..i say we kill them all!!

    They all hate americans over we should just use are technology and blow them all away.!!!!!1

    Brian   ·  May 16, 2004 9:23 PM

    The serbs were killing the damn muslim albanians for us and what respect do they get? Clinton blows the hell out of em. Learn from the serbs and the isralies and kill the shit out of these bastards. All these people want to do all they know to do is kill us and every other civilized nation on earth. Kill the saudi's because they're no better than any of the others. Where do you think they get most of their money? Remember 911 never forget...Don't let the John Kerry's of the world take over we'll go to hell in a hand basket........

    Larry Graham   ·  May 17, 2004 9:24 PM

    Most of the people on this page are incredibly encapsulated by the media. Wake up dumb clucks. That video was made by some body trying to throw off the abuses by American soliders. The Americans have created another Nazi blunder in Iraq!

    Todd Wise   ·  May 17, 2004 10:29 PM

    I agree with Brian

    Lance   ·  May 18, 2004 2:24 AM

    To person who said:

    "Most of the people on this page are incredibly encapsulated by the media. Wake up dumb clucks. That video was made by some body trying to throw off the abuses by American soliders. The Americans have created another Nazi blunder in Iraq!"

    Well known Al Quada members had already kidnapped Nick Berg and admitted it several weeks before the prisoner abuse scandal. Use some logic.

    Bunch   ·  May 18, 2004 8:18 PM

    You know people... most of us americans are "blind out of false pride". We are so blind, we don't see, we might be next on the list.

    We Americans think our government is always working for our benefit. Well... they are. But at the cost of killing our own people. Not once, not twice but time and again.

    American government knows whats up all the time. They knew about 9/11 attacks much before (Watch out for the upcoming Documentary by the Director Moore who secretly embeded journalists with US troops) but they let it go because they needed a reason to strike in afganistan and then move on to iraq to capture oil fields. Main objective here... oil fields which is why osama is still not caught. But at what cost,
    1) At the cost of world hatred
    2) At the cost of 9/11
    3) At the cost of loosing numerous soldiers and destroying families and valuable lives
    4) At the cost of blatantly insulting Humanity. Raping humanity publicaly and degrading the meaning of life.

    The documentary i mentioned above also talks about secret tie-ups between US government and Al-Qaida.

    They plan the killings, they know whats coming next, its all well thought - The killings of our own people - the killings of the people of this world - the killing of humanity.

    Be it hiroshima, be it vietnam, be it Afganistan/USSR, be it iraq. American government doesn't respect its own people. They use them like laboratory rats except that the laboratory rats die for a cause - Humanity, but america kills people in the name of humanity by insulting and raping humanity repeatedly and publicly.

    America rapes its own people of there lives, right in there faces, and gets away by planting blind pride.

    They kill people around the world and they kill there own people. Every american president has done that. Every president has ordered such horendous plans/crimes to be executed which involved killing of people of the world and its own americans.

    At this point I ask, Is our government any better than Muslims ? Muslims are still better. They kill others, but our government kills its own people for selfish and demeaning interests.

    A proud american fool other words patriot (You find these patriotic fools in every country, so i'm not just aiming at America).... would say "So what, the sacrifice is made for better future".

    If this is what you call patriotism, then its no fuckin different from being Fanatic. If we call muslims fanatics, we are no less.

    As for a better future could be acheived without the sacrifice also, buy letting those millions of people live there lives rather than being killed for no reason of theres. Ordinary famalies got destroyed. No one deserved that.

    Life is the most precious gift. Everyone deserves to live it.

    But america chooses to think otherwise. I am not Anti America, I am not Anti-Mulsims, I am not Anti any religion or country.

    Its high time people of america woke-up to what there government is doing to them.

    Governments will come and governments will go, but people of America will REAP THE RESULTS OF THE SEEDS SOWED BY THEM.

    Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, 9/11 victims and numerious other innocent people who lost lives. They were all our people. They all died because of our fuckin Government and Secret Governments who run this nation. CIA, FBI, FEMA, Pentagon in short our govt. is responsible for all the lives lost.

    After seeing this ...

    ... i think we are truly proving to the world that we are noble. (For the thick headed - we are only endearing hatred.)

    And the result of our governments noble acts, we can only promise ourselves to be seeing more brutality on our own people.

    Lets not forget that each day each country is becoming stronger. And if US tries to subdue them, it is only endearing hatred.
    Today its Al-Qaida, Taliban,Iraq. Tomorrow it will be 10 nations against US... a cause for world war, which will only scar everyones lives for endless generations.

    Is it all worth it ?

    Why are we so blind. Don't we see, we are creating it!!!!!

    Sid   ·  May 19, 2004 1:47 PM

    i was searchimg for the Nick Berg video but I cant seem to find the damn thing can anybody help me.

    chad james   ·  May 19, 2004 3:35 PM

    I viewed the Beheading video of Nick Berg and have observed things which have been ommited by the media. Things which look more like a conspiracy and murder. Things which have not been talked or omitted to be noticed.

    Everyone has pointed almost everything.... however everyone is missed our a Very IMPORTANT detail.

    A general glance of the video looks like a sequence, but the TIME suddenly shoots up from 2:44:35 to 13:45:45
    IT MAKES ONE WONDER WHAT HAPPENED IN THOSE 11 Hours, which is a long enough time.
    Where it may not actually be 11 Hours. If the Video was recorded in Breaks... it could be more than 11 Hours as well.

    In the initial video

    1) You can see Berg moving his toe fingers.
    2) He blinks
    3) He moves
    4) He appears calm as if he knows whats going to happen ... An ENACTMENT. (Thats when the time is 2:44:35)
    5) The hooded man holds bergs head pushes him on the floor, but DOES NOT cut his throat. He ENACTS it and Berg PLAYS along the game by not retaliating, like any person would retaliate in this scenario. NOTE: RIGHT NOW BERG IS NO WHERE NEAR TO THE RIGHT SIDE WALL. NEITHER ARE THE HOODED MEN.
    6) The Camera ZOOMS OUT on the knife and Bergs Neck. THE VIDEO GETS CUT.
    7) Now time shows 13:45:45. The Camera ZOOMS IN from same position. A TYPICAL PRE-PLANNED SCRIPT.
    8) Berg is lying in a different position than he was pushed into when time was 2:44:35. NOTE: THEY ARE STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO THE SIDE WALL.
    9) Berg is already motionless and his mouth is open as if he is already dead.
    10) The guy holding bergs hands is actually shaking berg up and down to dramatically show that berg is alive and retaliating.
    11)Bergs legs do not move at all.
    12) Berg doesn't bleed like he should have. Ordinarily the blood would have gushed out and would be all over the floor, walls and even hands.
    13) When bergs neck is lifted, some blood drops from his neck but it was very slow. Thats because the blood has already clotted. Hot blood would fall fast in droplets or stream. But what falls is like clotted blood.

    A pre-planned murder of Berg, possibly berg was tricked into it, where he thought its an enactment, but later he was poisoned or injected and killed.

    And after 11 hours the video was resumed from the Zoomed out position and the enactment was concluded. And 11 hours is enough for blood clot.

    Berg is DEAD for sure, beheaded with brutality, but the whole plot has a bigger conspiracy behind it. It is not a simple beheading. Its masterminded to an amatuer perfectionism.

    The loop holes are glaring. The plot is made up. Berg doesn't look scared. The hooded men look taller and there body structure is not one that can resemble short or medium height arabs. The whole video is Dubbed. Coupled with Script, Drama and Screams and blurry video it all looks REAL.

    But truth looks like, berg was murdered before the beheading.

    Sid   ·  May 19, 2004 5:59 PM
    Sid   ·  May 19, 2004 6:01 PM

    Fake Video Ideas

    I have been reviewing a number of Nick Berg beheading Video analysis sights. The discrepencies in the video point more to a conclusion that they had 2 or 3 video camera on the whole thing, spliced in their best shots and overran that with their best sound continuous over the video. The sound runs in pretty good sequence with itself. The terrorist reads his manifesto, pulls out his knife, knocks Nick Berg to the floor, starts to cut Nicks neck, etc, etc. But in seguence with the video the sound of the fall to the floor and the screams come before the guy puts away the paper he read from.

    If it was made up for some American plot it would have been a much better production. It seems there is more validity to a conspiriacy of terrorists trying to say it was an American plot on Blogs than there being an American plot. If terrorists can make people think this was an american plot, they got their scare with the murder and the descension with the doubt. This is typical terrorist propaganda mode of operation. If there was a plot to fake such a video, there would have been one continuous video of perhaps poor quality, not a patchwork of the perpetrators favorite scenes.

    The terrorists probably took much of the video of the ensueing struggle out so as to not embarace themselves or make the video so long it becomes boring.

    Nick berg being still before the attack is consistent with reality. In such a situation he may not have had a clue as to what would ensue. In a captive situation a person learns to be very still if in doubt of what is going on. In the video, you do see him initially tightening up to try to form a protective ball and lowering his chin so the blade cannot be entered into his neck. When his nerve to his heart gets cut or when there has been the lack of breathing for a minute or two, the bleeding will stop. If you study the video carefully, there really is a considerable amount of blood on the floor. The floor appears to have been covered with black plastic or sheets in anticipation of a mess... The agruements for authenticity far outweigh the arguements for a fake video production.

    Bunch   ·  May 19, 2004 9:36 PM

    The media that refused to play the video did so because they don't want the American public to be diverted from the Iraqi prison scandal. The media WANTS us to lose.

    The Calico Cat   ·  May 19, 2004 11:20 PM

    Well stated Bunch. These islamic pigs of course copied their tactics from propaganda geniuses like Josef Goebbels. What worked (to an extent) 60 years ago still works today.

    Rod Feldman   ·  May 20, 2004 12:24 AM

    I'm shocked at how badly you idiots spell. Get a damned dictionary! And don't get me started on the freakin' grammar. What's up with this obsession of watching and analyzing grainy web videos of people being horribly murdered? Not enough VIOLENCE in your khaki-wearing, WalMart-shopping, fast food-gobbling little lives? Real or 'fake', these images prove that the world under Bush is hating Americans more and killing us with no remorse. Add Nick Berg to those nearly 700 other American lives Dubya has wasted during on his "Destroy Weapons of Mass Destruction" - oops, no I mean "Free the Iraqi People by Degrading and Killing Them" crusade. Maybe someone will give him a BJ in the White House so we can finally impeach his ass.

    R. Petty   ·  May 20, 2004 2:59 AM

    I must confess that it was a search for "Berg video a fake?" that brought me to this site. First and formost, let's all raise a glass to free speech. The internet has saved us from a media environment where only a few are getting more and more control over what you see and how you see it. I downloaded the video as soon as I could get to a computer, then took a day before deciding whether to watch it or not. Why download it? Because I was afraid it would be zapped off the lines to keep it hushed up. I am thankful for folks like you that despite so much disagreement about the pros and cons, ALL agree that it should be available. So here's to free speech. (even for the morons;)
    My very first reaction to the video was one of horror. I kept reaching for the stop button, knowing what was coming and not sure if I could stand it. I made it through the process and then spent a day spewing anger and hate and slapping down idiot arm chair generals and Monday morning poloticians for second guessing what is a horrible and damned either way job.
    But I do have questions. Nick Berg is dead. That is fact. His head is not on his body. Also Fact. Beyond that, things do get a little cloudy. I grew up in the military. The son of a high ranking career officer. Lets not kid our-selves and say that our boys are not capable of throwing together a sham video as a PR ploy. Either side of the aisle in control, we are CAPABLE of it. That said, so are THEY. And even if this video is somehow a fake, count on the fact that the enemy does do this sort of thing all the time, and had we handed them an American and a knife, they would have shouted Allah Akbar and started cutting with zeal. So even if it washs out to be a hoax in the end. My mind doesn't change in the least regarding middle eastern terrorists.
    So here are my dicomforts with the video, all political leanings aside:
    Why is he wearing an orange jumpsuit? If these are the usual terrorist's, they wouldn't have proccessed him put his cloths in a bag and handed him a standard orange Property of Al Quida jumpsuit. Their MO is nab em, stick em in a hole, beat em, kill em.
    The guys in the line up are awefully big and beefy for underfed muslim extreemists and their posture is Very trained military. That does not equal U.S. Military right up front. Military attention and parade rest is pretty standard no matter what flag you fly over your camp. But these guys are no civilian slouchs.
    There is an unrealist quality to the screams as he is killed. Horrific as they are, they don't match up with the video. This could be the result of a hasty edit job, but for a point of reference, I found another Muslim Snuff flick to compair it to. This one is a Russian soldier murdered by way of a buck knife through the throat. If you can stomach such things, here is a link to that ugly event (which only solidifies my argument that it doesn't change my opinion whether Bergs video is a fake or not)

    His screams turn to a nightmare sound that is unfakable in about a half a second.

    So, yeah, I have some uncomfortable questions about Nick Bergs death. But no matter how, he died as part of this brutal war, and nothing can change his family's loss. And no matter what we do in Iraq, the enemy will still be out there.

    So really, we are left where we started aren't we? The Left blindly hating Bush, The Right defending him with blind faith, but everyone (I sure as hell hope) hating Al Quida. I really don't care which Political Party gets to wear the "I kicked his ass in November" badge. I have little faith in all politicians. But damn it, I want justice done against the real terrorists. And this media bullshit circus is not where our energy needs to be expended.

    thanks again for a forum that doesn't censor either side of the issues.


    charles   ·  May 20, 2004 3:03 AM

    i am a mortiction and after looking at the video nick berg was already dead before they removed his head

    Anonymous   ·  May 20, 2004 10:08 AM

    All of got to say is this current administration has killed Nic berg, it solely their responsibility. thank you Mr. bush thank you mR. rumsfeld, thank you , damn ignoramouses. What the heck did they expect after releasing of Abu Ghrab pictures. This administration is going to hell. Im not going to direct my anger towards those bastards who killed Berg but towards this damn administration.

    Anonymous   ·  May 21, 2004 3:19 AM

    Hello, my name is Travis Taylor and i was want to put what i think about this Nick Berg story. I think that it is a bunch of bull shit that, thats all people ever talk about i mean he didnt do anything for this Country now did he no dont think so. All he did weas carry stuff, and another thing is..I bet he didnt have a peekaboo now did he, and guess who does. I do you mother f**kers!! Why dont you ever talk about that!!umm..theres a topic.well thats all for now bye

    Travis Taylor   ·  May 21, 2004 10:52 AM

    Hello, my name is Travis Taylor and i was want to put what i think about this Nick Berg story. I think that it is a bunch of bull shit that, thats all people ever talk about i mean he didnt do anything for this Country now did he no dont think so. All he did weas carry stuff, and another thing is..I bet he didnt have a peekaboo now did he, and guess who does. I do you mother f**kers!! Why dont you ever talk about that!!umm..theres a topic.well thats all for now bye

    Travis Taylor   ·  May 21, 2004 10:52 AM

    The guy who starts beheading berg and cuts his neck half way through is wearing a BLACK HOOD ... and the one who is holding his hands is wearing WHITE HOOD.

    By the end of the VIDEO.... the one who finally seperates his Head from the body... is a WHITE HOODED MAN.

    Think they have been changing there HOODS ??? OR taking turns to CUT the head off because they are NOT EXPERTS in it.

    Look at this video of a Russian sloughterd by Muslim Extremists. They make it look EASY and swift.

    BUt these HOODED guys TAKE 2 MINUTES and have a difficult time, so much that they take turns.

    Chair, Abu Gharib Prison wall color, Orange American Prison Jump Suit, blurry video, dubbed voices, Non-Typical Islamic accent, White skin Hooded Men, Video timeline from 2:44:45 shooting up suddenly to 13:44:45, 2 minutes to cut the head from body and having a tough time doing that.

    I can never stop wondering. Can you???



    Reason to wonder more!!!!

    SunDance   ·  May 21, 2004 11:23 AM

    I have just conducted a thorough frame by frame analysis of the Nick Berg footage. I've paid particular attention to the editing.

    I've included here a breakdown, shot by shot. I've tried to remain totally objective thoughout, and limit my analysis to the evidence we can see, and others can hopefully corroborate. My apologies for the messy layout.

    For the sake of this discussion, I'll name the captors from 1 to 5

    John Doe1
    John Doe2
    John Doe3 (reading the script)
    John Doe4
    John Doe5


    Video Breakdown
    Shot A video time 13:26:24 to 13:26:27 synced audio
    Nick sitting in a chair giving his details

    Shot B video time 02:18:33 to 02:18:43 synced audio
    Nick sitting in chair, giving his details, different angle

    This is NOT a second angle on the first shot. Nick has clearly moved in between these two shots, as illustrated by the change in his voice tone while reciting his details, and the change in the pattern of folds and clothing position under his harms and on his chest. This clearly shows a careful edit has been made, and we cannot know how long apart these two shots were taken. It also shows that the editor as at least some basic editing skills.

    we also hear a door squeek at 2:18:41

    we see the reflection of a horizontal light in the top left of screen.

    questions :-
    Why did they shoot the scene twice?
    Was nicks "performance" not up to scratch?
    Why did they go to such lengths to make it look like it was shot at the same time?
    Did they get him to replicate his hand position is that just coincidence?

    Shot C video time 02:40:33 to 02:44:37 (audio 5-10 seconds ahead (see below))

    Nick is definitely alive and conscious though-out this section. He occasionally shrugs, as if he is aware of an impending issue regarding his neck. He sits tense for a moment, then forces has shoulders back down. He does remain very still.

    In this shot, the audio is 5-6 seconds in front of the picture. The fact the this audio is out of sync while the first section is IN sync show that the slipped audio is part of the original master, and not due to later encoding/decoding issues of the whole video.

    How far out of sync? The person reading the speech coughs audibly at video time 02:42:33. We see him raise his hand at 2:42:38. So the audio appears to be 5 seconds ahead of the picture..

    We hear a thump, which sounds like Nick hitting the ground, at 02:44:02, and then we see him hit the ground at 02:44:11. thats 10 seconds ahead, without any visible cut in the video. Therefore an audio edit has taken place, with five seconds of audio removed sometime before the thump.

    Also The screaming also doesn't start unit a couple of seconds after the thump. Visually this shot also lasts about 2 seconds after nick hits the ground. As he hits the ground the JohnDoe3 raises his knife, but we do not see him actually cutting with it. We also don't see any panic reaction from him or hear a noise, even taking into account any slippage of the audio.

    Some subjective observations.
    JohnDoe2 is starting straight at camera. 4 and 5 though look nervous, and don't know what to do with their hands.
    JohnDoe4 in particular seems to nervously fiddle with his mask, often just after JohnDoe3 has shuffled his papers, I've had trouble following these paper moves, but they don't seem to coincided with the speech. None of them show the same body languages as other Iraqi kidnappers we've seen?

    Why leave the audio out of sync when the editor is clearly perfectly competent?
    What was the 5 seconds of audio they removed?
    Why did the cameraman cut away from this shot just before Nick is actually attacked?
    Why didn't Nick react or even make a noise has he was thrown to the ground?

    Shot D video time 13:45:47 to 13:45:52 inconclusive audio

    We now zoom in very close. the video is shaky and blurred. It is impossible to tell if nick is alive or dead at this point.

    Between shots D and E, we seem to get a period of accelerated time, where the video clock jumps forward to 13:45:59,. However we also see an intermediate frame or two, giving as a glimpse of 13:45:57. this appears to be intended to give continuity while removing around 3 seconds.


    Why zoom in like that? is that the best footage they had (given they were supposed to have 2 cameras)?
    Why are we having seconds edited out, and yet returning to the same shot?

    Shot E video time 13:45:59 to 13:46:32

    There is a slight jump cut with about half a second missing at 13:46:27, as shown by the video clock and the jump in JohnDoe3's arm position. At the end of this shot we JohnDoe3 lift the knife away slightly and lay the head down, as if he's given up trying to get it off.

    Why the edit?

    Shot F 13:47:46 13:47:52

    Having just jumped about 80 seconds of video time, the head is removed from the body and raised in the air. However it isn't JohnDoe3 who is hold the head and knife, it's JohnDoe2 ! MINUS HIS BOMB VEST!!! (unless it's JohnDoe3 and he's switched masks!!!)


    Why has JohnDoe2 removed his bomb vest????!!!!
    Why is he now the the one to hold up the head?
    Where as JohnDoe3 gone?
    Why would JohnDoe3, as a terrorist leader, humiliate himself in front of thew others by appearing incapable of removing the head?

    Videoman   ·  May 21, 2004 11:26 AM

    Shot G 2:46:18 to 2:46:22

    Back to the other camera/different time. another shot of the head being held up.

    This appears to have been shot at the same time as Shot F, but for reasons discussed earlier, we can't be sure of this.

    Shot H 13:48:29 to 13:48:49 lots of missed frames here, about 5-10 seconds worth.


    Other observations.

    it's widely assumed that two cameras were used, because of the difference in the video clocks.

    If this is the case, both were set up exactly the same in terms of white point and aperture. Both exhibit the same edge of frame artifacts (dark pixels where the images doesn't make it to the end of the frame) Both may also be of the same model given the similarity of time clocks and image.

    The two clocks are roughly 11 hours and 8 minutes apart at the start of the film. The exact difference is impossible to judge since shots A and B were NOT shot at the same moment in time. (see above)

    At the end, they are roughly 11 hours and 2 minutes apart, although again it is hard to tell.

    the camera with timings around 2:40 appears to be on a tripod at all times.

    It is impossible to tell if there were two cameras or not. It seems likely, but we cannot be conclusive one way or the other.


    Ill leave it there for now. there is much more analysis to be done, an I don't want to get into guessing at potential scenarios until all the objective evidence is in..

    In particular I'd like to know about the video tears across the bottom of the screen. Is this a digital or analog artifact? What was the likely signal path, from camera to web? The blurred images suggest an analogue stage. However the skip time edits suggest digital, at least at the editing process.

    Also can anyone identify the make of the camera? Do the time clocks look familiar? Things like this do differ from cam to cam, and the more we know the better.

    Videoman   ·  May 21, 2004 11:49 AM

    VERY Important note about the edit at 13:46:27

    Who's white ear and green cap is see entering frame at this point from the right??

    It looks like a millitary cap to me and is certainly a white persons ear.

    Interestingly, if the editiors were looking at a broadcast monitor at the time, they could well have missed this, since it would be outside the "safe" area. They look like they cut the frames where it came within the "safe" area.

    This explains the missing frames at this point, and CLEARLY shows this video is not all it seems.

    Videoman   ·  May 21, 2004 11:55 AM




    VoiceOfAmerica   ·  May 21, 2004 3:18 PM

    read the bible! all the answers are there.
    we/you/all of us are under the atack of a darker enemy but dont have the corrage to look at it.
    im not a jesus nut, i am not a preacher, i just know that this is all ment to be and none uf us has started it or will be able to end it, only god can. P.S. dont hate, you wont be saved.

    joe   ·  May 22, 2004 1:24 AM

    you guys are fucking retards

    covve   ·  May 24, 2004 10:21 PM

    "dont hate, you wont be saved."

    Lol, never read the Bible have you?

    Gimmeabreak...   ·  May 28, 2004 10:57 AM

    I think almost all terrorists activity against Americans and American forces exist just because of the senseless and aggressive policy of the US government. In fact, in my opinion, the most evil person (when terrorism is conserned) is the allmighty mr. Bush. Conquering the world won't bring u more safety, actually quite the opposite. Osama bin Laden is not a demon, but Bush is. Post your thoughts...

    Kerry to be a president   ·  May 30, 2004 11:48 AM

    Refreshing to hear a Kerry supporter display such honesty.

    Eric Scheie   ·  May 30, 2004 12:33 PM

    What are you saying about muslims as being bloodthirsty is not rightl. I am not justifying what was done to the american hostages. however, those people are defending their lands. get out from there lands, and no body will come close to you.
    Visit this site and you will come to know why those people are doning what they are doing

    Maher   ·  June 20, 2004 7:06 AM

    I think it's all propaganda...The government is just trying to piss us off and make us mad at Middle-Eastern people, so we take to the idea of a continued (and now pointless) war. I have read up on all oddedies concerning the Nick Berg video, and naturally I get upset. The government is a lying sack of shit. They lied during Vietnam, and probably a ton of other things...
    Anyways.. thats just what I think...

    Killspy   ·  June 20, 2004 4:39 PM

    1. It doesn't take a lot of terrorists to cause this chaos,only about 100 took over Haiti and outed it's president. It's NOT all of Iraq attacking us,just the cultists that other muslims reject.We have religious cultists kill people here sometimes.
    2. It's Clinton pulling out of Somalia that made Bin Laden say America was a "paper tiger" that didn't have the guts to fight back leading to 9/11
    3. "Muslim" cultists have always hated us (US) because we are immoral according to their taliban type veiws that lead to people in Afganistan being arested for their beards not being long enough to be "muslim", and we have more mony than them so they are envious even though rich Bin Laden could use his dough to help the poor instead of buying guns and bombs.
    3. Iraqi genrals said they thought they were suposed to use chemical weapons if we invaded and the first Iraqi pres. we put in as a temp. was killed with a rigged up sarin gas contaning artilery shell in a carbomb according to news reports after they tested the scene. Maybe most of their chem stuf was carried of to Jordan by the terrorists from the training camps set up in the north (the reason we invaded, no one at the time even claimed Sadam had a thing to do with 9/11 the people saying that are making it up)Bush didn't lie about that, the brit.s said they had intel the Iraqi's were trying to buy yellow cake and we just couldn't verify it with our congressionally emasculated CIA.

    4. The prison scandal is bad, the guards filed in their duty to protect their prisoners and need court martial,BUT it is nothing compared to what little hitler Sadam did to his own people gassing whole Kurdish villiages and thing of the warehouses we found filled with remains of Iraqi sadam opponents and don't forget if you went to worship at the wrong mosq to ofen you disapeared in Sadams Iraq. I bet the gosts of the dead killed by Sadam don't feel violated we removed him and turned him over to be judged by the Iraqi people.
    5. Since we are trying to turn the country over to a democratic gov. why are we being attacted more and more as it gets closer? Because the cultists want a cult government back to kill all non muslims, muslims who don't cut their beards short enough, or don't wear a face veil, or talk in public if they are female. Sorry if by standing in their way you think we are destroying their culture, but most that live there don't want it either (see my point #1.)

    bob   ·  June 22, 2004 4:08 AM

    It shouldn't amaze me after all the time I've been on this planet, but I still find it hard to believe how so many people with thuggish and sluggish minds can so easily condemn the populations of entire countries based on the actions of some. "Kill them all!" "These people are demons!" Yep, real intelligence at work there.

    On the one hand, we have the people who keep insisting we invaded Iraq to "free" the population, and yet some of these same folks condemn the very Iraqi people we are supposedly "saving." Not only is there very little thought behind many of those comments; there is NO thought at all - just the kneejerk reaction of people who fancy themselves as "patriots" and their bloodlust and hatred as "proper patriotic behavior."

    Shade51   ·  June 22, 2004 3:10 PM

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