A well read roast!

Bonfire of the Vanities is up at MTPolitics!

Craig really knows how to roast 'em, too, which makes this a pleasure to read!

My post (in which I railed about my bad keyboard) was truly the worst of the worst, and I am proud to be ashamed of it. It's so bad that I should not have posted it at all -- except that my selfish side was angling for free geekie advice, and I wanted my readers to be sure to feel my pain!

More highlights:

  • My esteemed comrade Ghost of a flea has made an important endorsement for President of the United States, which should have been taken far more seriously than it was.
  • Here's a picture no one can see (because it's not there!).
  • Old blogfriend Susie is somewhere else, and I don't know why.
  • Josh Cohen's book, The Fallen, is for sale at Amazon, and I'd like to read it.
  • Kevin Aylward discovers that Gale Norton is now the White House decorator. (I knew they demoted Richard Clarke from Terror Czar to WiFi Whiner, but you'd think they'd learn that demotions lead to resentments -- and lucrative book contracts....)
  • That's not all folks; they're all very funny -- and made funnier by Craig.

    Read 'em!

    posted by Eric on 03.23.04 at 11:52 PM


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    Tracked on March 24, 2004 10:08 AM


    As a joke on Bill, WindRider gave a bunch of us posting privledges on Bloviating Inanities. We were hoping he would blow a gasket, but he got the last laugh by welcoming us--after a few fireworks, anyway....

    Susie   ·  March 24, 2004 1:07 AM

    Thanks for the kind words about the book. If you buy it through the publisher's website, it's three dollars less than on Amazon, but the shipping is three dollars. However, if you buy it on Amazon, plus get another item of $5.10 or more, you get free shipping.

    Just, you know, a thought.

    J   ·  March 24, 2004 9:56 AM

    "...was truly the worst of the worst, and I am proud to be ashamed of it..."

    The _style_ of the way you write!

    My Gimli for America campaign should begin in earnest when we get to convention season!

    Ghost of a flea   ·  March 28, 2004 6:55 PM

    As an American of Norwegian descent (and supporter of Icelandic multicultural outreach), I am most excited to hear of this development!

    Eric Scheie   ·  March 29, 2004 1:30 AM

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