Blogicide intervention

It's a hell of a way to start the week, but it happened today: Don Watkins actually threatened to quit. Not funny, even if it was a childish cry for help. Intervention is always an option, Don, and I know what you look like, as well as which Metro station you live at.

Too many bloggers have either quit or threatened to quit. And they're all good bloggers! Why don't the bad ones quit?

This is not a new gripe for me, and I don't take kindly to blogicide.

BLOGGERS BEWARE: I hereby warn you, if you link to me, and you think you can later quit blogging, you are wrong! I will find out who you are, and I will hunt you down, and bring you back to life! Whether you like it or not.

"DO NOT RESUCITATE" orders do not apply to blogs!

David at Sketches of Strain managed to get a pass, for now -- but only because he quit before I established this rule.....

But look at this! Has there been... a miracle?

I don't even feel like posting anything today. It's Monday, and I had a great weekend. Mondays suck anyway, but all the more so after a great weekend. Yet here I am, posting anyway, because I feel it is my civic duty to thwart another blogicide threat.

And the worst part of this latest outrage is that Don's post is dated December 2. He hasn't even threatened yet.

I think that means this post must not have been written yet either.

Small comfort.

posted by Eric on 12.01.03 at 05:53 PM


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