Terrorism is bad for kids!

Emperor Misha, who has been kind enough to add me to the Mark Steyn Fiskers Brigade, offers this post on an absolutely sickening situation: a child prison in Jamaica (named "Tranquility Bay"), where children are subjected to grotesque abuse -- paid for by rich American parents who shell out big bucks to the offshore torturers running the place.

Abuse like this:

When most children first arrive they find it difficult to believe that they have no alternative but to submit. In shock, frightened and angry, many simply refuse to obey. This is when they discover the alternative. Guards take them (if necessary by force) to a small bare room and make them (again by force if necessary) lie flat on their face, arms by their sides, on the tiled floor. Watched by a guard, they must remain lying face down, forbidden to speak or move a muscle except for 10 minutes every hour, when they may sit up and stretch before resuming the position. Modest meals are brought to them, and at night they sleep on the floor of the corridor outside under electric light and the gaze of a guard. At dawn they resume the position.

This is known officially as being 'in OP' - Observation Placement - and more casually as 'lying on your face'. Any level student can be sent to OP, and it automatically demotes them to level 1 and zero points. Every 24 hours, students in OP are reviewed by staff, and only sincere and unconditional contrition will earn their release. If they are unrepentant? 'Well, they get another 24 hours.'

One boy told me he'd spent six months in OP.

I didn't think this could be true, but it transpired this was not even exceptional. 'Oh no,' says Kay. 'The record is actually held by a female.' On and off, she spent 18 months lying on her face.

'The purpose of observation,' Kay offers, 'is to give the kids a chance to think....

A chance to think, huh?

About what? About getting even with the world?

This reminds me of the grotesque abuse (documented by one of blogging's best and most fearless, AgendaBender) to which Unabomber Ted Kaczynski was subjected when he was a teenager -- "a brilliant but vulnerable boy of sixteen" -- at Harvard.

I share Emperor Misha's outrage. Parents who have so failed at being parents that they send their children to be incarcerated and abused at places like Tranquility Bay should be sent there themselves -- and they should definitely lose their licenses to reproduce.

Lest anyone think the torture centers are reserved for violent juvenile delinquents, read this:

An estimated 20,000 teens go through these BM programs every year. What's scary is that it's not only teens with serious anti-social and dangerous behavior who go through BM. Getting defined as "out-of-control" can be as ridiculous as having different views from your parents. Some kids were sent to BM programs because they were confused about their sexuality or their religious parents thought they're weren't devout enough.

David Van Blarigan didn't see it coming. He didn't use drugs and didn't have any problems in school or with violence. What he did have, it later turned out, was a disrespect for his Christian parents.

Ye spiritually psychotic parents, prepare for some real disrespect!

I think that at the very least, parents should not be allowed tax deductions for the money lavished on their children's torture.

Where is the Children's Liberation Army when you need them?

posted by Eric on 11.19.03 at 06:37 PM


Ahh, I remember the proud day the Flea was listed with the Emperor's Department of Foreign Affairs.

Ghost of a flea   ·  November 20, 2003 10:35 PM

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