Dreary, depressing, stormy, unbelievable -- but TRUE!

Fierce winds and a heavy rainstorm have knocked out my power! For how long, I do not know.... I would blog by candlelight, but my old-tech laptop's battery doesn't last long.

Meanwhile here I sit blogging at Starbucks' local WiFi hotspot. I decided to check my Yahoo email (which I never get except when I forget to check it!), and I found myself treated to a very worthwhile link. The multi-talented Jim Treacher referred me to several of his "blogtoons" about Ted Rall, which are so informative that they merit an entirely new post.

Read about Rall and his:

  • self serving "explanations" of his refusal to retract his attacks on grieving 9-11 widows
  • hypocritical appearance on O'Reilly (famed blog lover who will apparently do anything for ratings)
  • ridicule of a widow whose husband's throat was slashed by terrorists
  • Also be sure to check out James Morrow's frame by frame account of Ted Rall's attack on New York firefighters.

    Again, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

    Oh, don't forget, buy Ammo today! (Uncle Kim wants YOU!)

    posted by Eric on 11.19.03 at 05:27 PM


    Ted Rall is a despicable commie asshole. He belongs in the same bed with Rev. Fred Phelps ("God Hates America", "Fags FDNY", etc.).

    Steven Malcolm Anderson   ·  November 21, 2003 1:17 AM

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