Eat one, but don't be one!

Be sure to check out my blogfather's special Thanksgiving Media Gun Bias report this week! Definitely one of those pictures worth a thousand words....

Very clever of Jeff, as it shows us what we'll become if the gun grabbers get their way.

It's really hard to keep up to date with irritating anti-gun developments, and we should all be grateful to those like Jeff who wade through the muck and keep us posted.

In a recent atrocity, the anti-gun psychos in New Jersey have declared that this dinky .22 rifle is an "assault weapon!"(via Spoons.)

Hey! Wanna spy on these turkeys?

Visit this site!

As Frank J. would say, Know Thy Enemy!

posted by Eric on 11.25.03 at 12:38 PM


"Gun-free" mean un-free!
Jeff Soyer is great. We need more like him. And you.

Steven Malcolm Anderson   ·  November 25, 2003 10:51 PM

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