Broccoli is not for pussies!

My blogfather Jeff has done it again. This post ought to move any pet owner to tears, whether atheist or not.

Many religions claim that our pets don't go to heaven. What horrible religions they must be. If I die and go to heaven and God or St. Peter says, "no, sorry, but your pets aren't here" then I will tell him to send me back to the plot of earth. If I can't have my dear cats with me in heaven, then I don't want to be there either. It wouldn't mean anything to me without my best friends.
I couldn't agree more. Heaven is wherever my friends and my pets are! (The people who don't want me up there, well, they won't get me!)

My dog, Puff, is now fourteen years old. I feel him lots of broccoli, which, fortunately for him, he eats.

Don't laugh! Here's a story about a cat that lived to THIRTY FOUR -- a feat which the owner attributed to broccoli:

[He] credits Granpa's longevity to his love of broccoli and other vegetables.
Rainbow is just a youngster! And so is Puff!

So, postpone heaven! Eat broccoli!

posted by Eric on 11.07.03 at 08:41 AM


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