Vote against anti-Semitic theocracy!

If you want to understand the California election, read this (link from the ever-vigilant Roger Simon):

What we have is a wildcard election with a wildcard entrant (Arnold Schwartzenneger) threatening the Christian Conservative stranglehold on the California Republican party. The Republican Party here (which produced mildly notable politicians like Ronald Regan prior to the christian takeover) no longer holds a single statewide office. They point to the fact that McClintock's run for controller was the best showing statewide in the last election as some sort of endorsement for their agenda. Arnold must be opposed simply because he will destroy their control of the party here.

And here's the so-called "Christian Reconstructionist" who runs McClintock's campaign:

Stoos, in an article for the Chalcedon Report, a journal of the radical Christian Reconstructionist movement, goes so far as to call Christian politicians God's "vice-regents...those who believe in the Lordship of Christ and the dominion mandate."

Chalcedon, the fanatical organization started by the notorious R.J. Rushdoony, believes in the death penalty for homosexuals, drunkards, astrologers, disobedient children, and probably Arnold Schwarzenegger. These people aren't merely the "religious right"; they are absolute, near-Nazi kooks, and I am genuinely appalled that one of their supporters (a guy who writes for their vile magazine, no less) would be running the campaign of a man so dangerously close to being governor of the country's largest state.

Lest you think I am kidding, read this. McClintock's campaign manager is so dementedly anti-Semitic that it apparently cost him his former job heading the 55,000-member California Gun Owners Lobby. He admits that in the world he wants to create, Jews:

"would not have total acceptance. You would feel more at home in Israel."
Wow. This from the campaign manager of a future California governor?

As Don Watkins (check out his new digs!) likes to say, "No, seriously!"

UPDATE: Need I remind my readers of Rushdoony's Holocaust denial? Again?

posted by Eric on 10.01.03 at 06:27 AM


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