Come again, your honor?

Having a hard day? Well, read this item:

A French judge has been caught masturbating in court.

The un-named magistrate was seen masturbating in a court in Angouleme.

Three witnesses, a lawyer, a woman in the public gallery and a journalist, all reported seeing the act.

French newspaper Charente Libre, whose reporter was among the witnesses, said it happened as an attorney was pleading his case.

The witnesses confirmed they saw the judge raise his judicial gown, open his trousers and "perform unmistakable movements".

Some judges believe in stiff punishments, I guess.

(via Radley Balko.)

posted by Eric on 10.22.03 at 02:38 PM


LOL! Nice title. :)

Solomon   ·  October 22, 2003 4:43 PM

Excellent! Good man! That's exactly what I would do. I love that: stiff punishments. I'm for cruel and unusual punishments between consenting cruel and unusual adults. I hope he had a nice fantasy about a beautiful woman. Or women. Masturbation and tribadism: two of the holiest forms of worship I can think of.
(and neither causes AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, abortions...)

Steven Malcolm Anderson   ·  October 23, 2003 7:09 PM

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