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A guy named Howard Veit (whose blog I found via Instapundit) hates gay marriage. I think that maybe he hates more than just gay marriage:

There is no purpose in the homosexual relationship other than ejaculation and climax. The means to this end include oral and anal sex, sado masochism, bondage, and homosexual rape together with practices best left unsaid. You can forget the individual worldly accomplishments of the individual homosexual, there is no further improvement of the world because of their relationship. Some deviant sex is enjoyed by a very few heterosexual couples, who also have children in most cases. The homosexual relationship represents a deterioration of society by depriving the society a result of their copulations. Carried to the extreme, homosexual society means the population ceases to exist. A complete destruction of a country or society because no children will be born.

For the reasons of child and spousal rights, but especially children's economic and social rights, marriage in some form has been a male female legal bond in every society. To include homosexuals in this contract debases the contract to one of pure copulation rights. We don't want to lift relationships that have no purpose other than self gratification so they enjoy equality with family relationships. Families build schools. Families create protection like courts and police. Families support most of the business activities. Families create our country; every country on the face of the earth. Think about that. How many businesses would exist if their were no families? How many activities?

Today society faces the real issue of same sex "couples" who have no purpose in life other than to ejaculate, receiving the same legal stamp of approval reserved for those whose purpose in life is family. Our challenge in dealing with this homosexual marriage campaign is that from the beginning of time much of the world's populations have engaged in sex just to have sex; or more precisely, men had the sex and women had the result. Old time wars meant the victors raped the women of the vanquished. Men have always been sexual predators. Men have looked to get laid from the time they could get it up til the time they can't get it up any more. Much of the ethos of philosophy and religion has to do with reining in male sexual rampage.

Homosexual marriage is an attack on the entire concept of family. They have no interest in family, family issues, or supporting families. I live in a largely homosexual community. They have no parks for kids (one pocket size county funded park and another that is adult tennis); no baseball, football or any other league activity for the kids here, and we have a growing immigrant family population who have nothing for their kids. All community projects exclude family concerns. This is fact. Schools here are supported by the county, police are county, fire is county, a library no bigger than many living rooms is county; the community has used homosexual victimology to pressure county government to pay for the "family" things they detest. Homosexuals build nightclubs, restaurants, and parking lots for same; they can "afford" those things. But parks? Libraries? Schools? You have to be kidding. Not them.

That is it. They truly are degenerate. We oppose homosexual marriage, the lifting of these relationships to "normal" status, because we know that homosexual marriage is an attack on all family values. Their marriages, even their relationships, legitimize their individual carnal purpose in life and denigrate all family life. Within their little society they make those with families outcasts and debase the entire society.

The day we decide they are "normal" is the day society based on family ceases to exist.

That is it?

Well, hey, it's nice to know that homos are all a bunch of degenerates who care only about ejaculations. Thank you, Mr. Veit! I don't mean to put you down, because you are a far more distinguished blogger than I am, with more links and hits than I've got, so you can go ahead and say that my puny disagreement with you is just a case of sour grapes.

I did say "puny" disagreement, because I am on record as one of the few homosexuals in the world with the temerity to express disagreement with the concept of gay marriage. (All who are interested may read my posts here, here, here, here, and here.)

This does not mean that I agree with Mr. Veit about homos debasing society, denigrating normal people, making families into outcasts, and having nothing to live for but their slimy (doubtless diseased) "ejaculations."


I certainly hope that an ejaculation never springs from an oraculation.

Much as I hate to be impertinent, nowhere in Mr. Veit's blog do I see a single mention of the word "love." I guess that is because despite living amongst homosexuals and knowing them so intimately, he knows for a fact that they are incapable of loving each other. Once the ejaculations are over, it's "Hit the road baby!" In sickness and in health? For richer, for poorer? Forget it! For Mr. Veit, ejaculation and love are mutually exclusive.

I do admire Veit's bravery for daring to live amongst the degenerates though. I know what it is like to live among awful people, as I lived on the East Coast for the past four years and you wouldn't believe the things I have found. Fat, disgusting, smelly people who don't know how to drive, slobs who do nothing but drink beer, eat pizza and those disgusting soft pretzels, behave in a very selfish, aggressive, and loud manner, and are just plain stupid. You don't believe me, just try driving around in New Jersey! They're almost all heterosexuals, and they make the few homos brave enough to live amongst them pay a bloody fortune in school taxes to finance their saprophytic, unconstrained, often welfare-based heterosexual lifestyle.

And you know what else? I have also lived and worked among lawyers. The stories I could tell you about those degenerates would curl your hair. They are worse than parasites! And as I said before, except for a few bloggers, they don't know how to write!

These generalizations are intended as satire, OK? I need to point that out because some people don't seem to get it.

For all I know, Mr. Veit lives in a flat above a gay bathhouse, and sees only gay ejaculators. But with all due respect, it is a mistake to assume that all people in a group do that which some people in that group do. There are such things as love and friendship, and longtime partnerships. Couples, if you will. Many of them live together for years -- even into old age, long after their filthy homo ejaculations have dried up (often for the same reasons that heterosexuals suffer from ejaculatory disabilities).

Hey! There's a new name for a homo blog: EJACULATE! EJACULATE! EJACULATE! ("A blog for men looking to get laid from the time they could get it up til the time they can't get it up any more.")

Does Mr. Veit think that homos somehow never reach the point where "they can't get it up anymore?" If only they could package and sell that! I'll have to ask all the aging homos I know about this!

In any case, I am relieved to hear that "much of the ethos of philosophy and religion has to do with reining in male sexual rampage" because I don't get laid that much.

Now I know which ethoi are to blame! They've reined in my male sexual rampage for the last time!

Final note: I like to give credit where credit is due. So, if someone does start a blog called EJACULATE! EJACULATE! EJACULATE! I expect them to liberally hit Mr. Veit's tip jar. Furthermore, I know how easy it is for satire to be misconstrued, and the possibility exists that I am doing that with Mr. Veit. I have read through his blog and I can't be certain. After all, he does link to Andrew Sullivan, even as he attacks him repeatedly and despite his exhortation that we "forget the individual worldly accomplishments of the individual homosexual."

Under the circumstances, it seems only fair for me to link to Mr. Veit. He graduated in 1951, which makes him old enough to be my father. Much as I disagree with his idea that human beings should be judged by the content of their orgasms, I mean him no disrespect personally -- even if I am a degenerate. Hell, he even says I belong in a sewer:

We are being told we should sanctify these deviant couriers of lust through marriage, as if these disgusting people are normal and entitled to elevation to a pedestal of respect.

Sorry "guys" but you are in a personal and sexual sewer and my vote is to keep you there. I'm with the Pope on this one (I almost never agree with the Pope), with the President, the Christian Right, and everyone else opposed to this current homosexual propaganda campaign.

Sewer slime like me will do anything for a link!

Even as satire, of course....

posted by Eric on 08.13.03 at 05:57 PM


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And not only are homosexuals selfish, deviant, disgusting, degenerate perverts, they are wealthy, successful, influential, and control the media. Sound familiar?

Steven Malcolm Anderson   ·  August 14, 2003 9:12 AM

I love you new name for HOMO BLOG

Al Kinn   ·  April 27, 2004 12:31 AM

I love you new name for HOMO BLOG

Al Kinn   ·  April 27, 2004 12:31 AM

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