Price Controls

I have made one of my periodic visits to the Netscape blog where today's topic is Anger At the Gas Pump. A topic already covered here. So the topic drifts to Nixon's wage and price freeze.

We have an economic genius who says the policy was really nice but didn't last long enough. farmerman has an answer; a good one too.

Did you like the shortages and gas lines? If we don't want to buy the oil, the Chinese and others will gladly buy it. You libs can try to rewrite history, but you sure can't rewrite the rules of supply and demand.
I wouldn't be so sure. We have a Democrat Congress.

The price freeze in Venezuela is working out nicely. You cannot by food that cost more than is allowed now. There is a reason for that. All the price controlled food has disappeared from the market shelves.

Price controlled oil in America had the same effect.

It is terrible the way the price of gasoline rises and falls. Except for the fact that you can buy it when you need it. Price stability by government fiat comes at the price of availability.

Economics in one easy lesson:

A woman comes into a butcher shop. She tells the butcher she wants some chickens. But she wants to pay the same price as the butcher across the street advertises in his window. "Your prices are too high", she says. The butcher asks, "Why don't you go across the street for your chickens?" "They haven't got any", she replies.

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posted by Simon on 06.28.07 at 06:58 AM


While they are at it, I hope the Democrats do something about that awful π thingie. Why can't it be set to 3 (or 22/7 if they want to be precise about it)?

Probably because they don't understand math.

Socrates   ·  June 29, 2007 12:12 AM

In a similar vein, Castro once boasted that the price of chickens in Cuban markets had not increased in thirty years. It was pointed out that no chicken had been seen for sale ever since!

Gordon   ·  June 29, 2007 1:05 PM

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