Surrender now, lest Glenn reduce you to Rubble!

Forgive me, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the idea that there's some sort of lover's spat between Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Sullivan. Maybe I'm in denial. Then again, maybe I'm squeamish thinking about the details. But try putting yourself in my position. I write a post late at night that I thought was about Iraq and my disagreement with the New York Times and the next thing I knew Glenn links the post, then Andrew Sullivan goes ballistic -- first accusing Glenn of "approval" he never gave, then later stuffing words in his mouth that he never uttered.

And on top of that, now there's talk of a lover's spat! Where's that supposed to leave poor clueless me? I'm not in the position of power here; Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Reynolds are both huge bloggers, and while I'm doing my best to stay in the ranks of the B-list, most people don't know my name -- let alone how to spell or pronounce it. There's a huge power imbalance! While I'd normally stay out of the way of these feuding titans, there's just something about proximity and timing of my post that worries me, and makes me feel, like, morally blogligated or something.

But again, what can I do? I'm hoping that the whole thing is not serious, and that in time it will all, like, blow away or something.

Fortunately, Glenn is not taking this too seriously:

This is a trivial matter, of course, except for the likelihood that Glenn Greenwald or somebody will start linking to this post of Andrew's while attributing things to me in a misleading way, kind of like they've done with "more rubble, less trouble."

Does that mean it's Barney to the rescue?


Far be it from me to attribute things in a misleading way, as I try scrupulously to never ever engage in misinterpretative behavior. But now I'm consumed with worry over how Sullivan might construe Glenn's latest rumblings over what he called the "INVASION OF THE CONCRETE PENISES."

Will "MORE RUBBLE, LESS TROUBLE" be seen by Andrew Sullivan and his minions as the Aggregated Backstabbers' Final Solution to the concrete penis invasion?

I hope not, but it doesn't take a Sigmund Freud to see the direction the penis war is headed. Things are getting really scary.

I'm even starting to see images appear in the sky....


(I should go back to writing about safe topics like totem poles.)

UPDATE: My thanks to Glenn for linking this with a new exhortation: MORE BLARNEY, LESS BARNEY. But which Barney?

While there's nothing, um, frank about BLARNEY as talk, it has to be remembered that ultimately it, too, is a stone, and thus capable of readily being reduced to rubble.

Especially by Dave Price who is not ashamed to be accused of Glenn Reynolds approvalism, or even of the new crime of thinking that the ISF is "increasingly effective." Says Dave: is supremely ironic Andrew calls Glenn a "stab-in-the-backer" while he plunges a rhetorical dagger of disdain into the spine of our troops' work, mocking their progress in the effort to train Iraqi security forces.
I guess in order to charge someone with increasingly effective, stab-in-the-back approvalism, it helps if you're an increasingly effective stab-in-the-back approvalist!

We can't be too careful!

UPDATE: The environmental criminal who skybrushed the smoke has struck again!


posted by Eric on 07.10.07 at 03:38 PM


If only I'd had time for the Wicked Witch!

Eric Scheie   ·  July 11, 2007 11:15 AM

I never noticed the wicked witch had such kindly eyes.

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