Bad news from Spain

Jose Guardia has an eye-opening post (now also a PJM piece) about the Spanish government's weak-kneed capitulation to ETA (Basque) terrorists. The latter now plan to resume their war:

Three years ago we had a weakened ETA virtually in its last throes after a successful campaign from law enforcement both in Spain and France. Now we got an emboldened one who thinks it can dictate the terms of the negotiation, or put an end to it. That's why above I called the truce a hudna: it was not really an end to violence, but a "time out" to be used to rearm and regroup. It should have been Zapatero's government the one to put an end to it when it realized ETA was unreasonable. And especially after the Barajas bombing at the end of December last year. Instead it chose to keep negotiating, and look what we got now.

And it couldn't come at a worse time; since they were allowed to run, ETA's so-called 'political arm' got several aldermen elected in quite a few towns, which means ETA has now access to what it didn't have before: databases. Private addresses, unlisted phone numbers, car registration numbers, tax returns, bank accounts, professional and business information from everyone. All databases are interconnected, so they are now in a position of knowing everything about people they want to pressure, or kill.

I was in Spain at the time of the Barajas bombing, and because I marveled over the beauty of the airport just days before the blast, I'll never forget it.

Well meaning people never seem to stop imagining that negotiations will work with terrorists, despite clear historical evidence that terrorists thrive in a climate of negotiations, which they see as a way of gaining tactical advantages.

All they're proving is that terrorism works.

posted by Eric on 06.06.07 at 09:36 AM


If the Basques resurge--or, god forbid, are even successful--then the Catalonians are next. And if Catalon separates, then the EU (if it is still surviving) will be undermined further--the Catalonians are no fans of the EU.

tim maguire   ·  June 6, 2007 10:52 AM

Spain already proved it when they capitulated and pulled out of Iraq after al-Qaeda bombed them.

Panday   ·  June 6, 2007 8:35 PM

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