When implementing policy, the devil is in the details!

I hate to admit it, but what's going on in Gaza is not normally my thing. That does not mean I consider it unimportant. Far from it. The fact that I don't blog about something does not indicate indifference. There are hundreds, thousands, and if we get down to the individual level, probably millions of topics that I cannot and will not blog about. Even though I often wish I could, I just can't.

Therefore, I am just tickled pink that M. Simon writes blog posts about events in Gaza. I'm so delighted, I thought I'd chime in by discussing an additional news tidbit -- the growing presence in Gaza of Al Qaida, and its attacks on music stores and Western-dressed women:

GAZA CITY -- Hamas has found an ally in its war for control of the Gaza Strip.

Al Qaida cells have come to Hamas's aid in the militia war against Fatah, particularly in the northern Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources said purported Al Qaida operatives have joined or led attacks on Fatah targets in Gaza City, Beit Hanoun and Beit Layhia, regarded as the remaining Fatah bastions in the strip, Middle East Newsline reported.

Al Qaida cells have claimed responsibility for strikes on music stores and places of entertainment in the Gaza Strip. The cells have also attacked women in Western dress.

If Dinesh D'Souza is correct, the reason for the attacks on music stores and women in Western dress is that the "cultural left" has forced these things upon traditional Muslims. Accordingly, the job of conservatives should be to forge an alliance with the "traditionalists." Says D'Souza:
Our concern should be with the traditional Muslims, who are the majority in the Muslim world. These people are also religious and socially conservative, and they are our natural allies. In fact, since the cultural Left in America is de facto allied with the radical Muslims, we as conservatives have no choice but to ally with the traditional Muslims.
By doing what? Endorsing the attacks on music and clothing? Or by ensuring that these vile music stores are closed and women properly attired, so that they don't become targets of the attacks?

I guess if the "cultural left" is responsible for having opened the stores and made the women lose the veils and put on mini-skirts in the first place, then the cultural right ought to be able send in its cultural imposers to reverse the damaging trend.

But I'd like to play the devil's advocate for a moment. If we assume D'Souza is right, that means that until now we have done an excellent job of "imposing our views" on traditional Muslims living in the Gaza; it's just that we have imposed the wrong views on them. (The "morally depraved values" of the "cultural left").

Does this mean we should send in cultural emissaries to impose the right values on these people? Or should we just support the people who are combating the imposition of the wrong values?

This is very confusing for me, as I am having trouble with the word "impose." I have always tended to think that impose denotes an obligation, or requirement, and no matter how hard I try, I just cannot see how anyone (whether from the cultural left or not) imposed an obligation on any Gazans to open music stores, go uncovered, or wear mini-skirts.

Is it possible that the word "allowed" is being confused with "imposed"?

I hope not. Because if "allow" means "impose," then I'm in a world of trouble. Just think: being allowed would have mean being imposed. Which would mean that by being allowed to write this blog, I am not only imposing my views on everyone, but I'm even more imposed upon than I realized.

So, that can't be it.

What am I missing?

Can anyone tell me how we managed to impose music and fashion on the Gaza?

posted by Eric on 02.02.07 at 08:31 AM


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