A Little Mistake

In so many ways this is Sarajevo 1914 all over again, on a much smaller scale. Mistrust and misunderstanding lead to war.

The wave of killings in Gaza on Thursday of last week was sparked by a suspicion: Hamas members feared that containers Israel allowed to enter Gaza held weapons for the Presidential Guard. They fired on the trucks, killing four members of the Guard, and Gaza once again entered a lethal whirlpool: 30 dead and more than 200 wounded.

No rifle or bullet was displayed for the TV cameras, which made it clear to everyone that Hamas propagandists either lied or relied on false information. The containers held only routine equipment, not weapons, for the Presidential Guard.

So far the sides have not seriously attacked each other for about two or three days.

I wonder if the pattern will be spasms of violence followed by a few weeks regrouping and then another spasm? If we see this again then the period can be estimated.

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posted by Simon on 02.09.07 at 01:53 AM


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