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Earlier on today's G. Gordon Liddy Show, I heard Pajamas Media president Roger L. Simon (who Liddy noted is a member of Motion Picture Academy) discuss his view that "An Inconvenient Truth" has a lock on an Oscar.

"I don't want to hear from politicians; I want to hear from scientists," said Roger, who thinks the film ought to be titled "Al Saves the World." (I agree, of course, and I was delighted to hear the interview))

Today was a big day for bloggers on the Liddy Show, for later Liddy read (with great praise) today's New York Times editorial by Glenn Reynolds on why municipal laws encouraging gun ownership are a good idea:

....criminals are likely to suspect that towns with laws like these on the books will be unsympathetic to malefactors in general, and to conclude that they will do better elsewhere.

To the extent that's true, we're likely to see other communities adopting similar laws so that criminals won't see them as attractive alternatives. The result may be a different kind of "gun control."

That's a form of gun control I can live with too!

My congratulations to Roger and Glenn!

posted by Eric on 01.16.07 at 12:39 PM


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