Corruption of Blood

Gates of Vienna has a post discussing Delegate Frank D. Harwood's recent remarks on Black slavery in America and the genocide of Jews in Europe. He quotes from a local paper:

A Hanover County delegate's comments that Virginia's black residents should "get over" slavery and discussing whether Jews might "apologize for killing Christ" drew angry and emotional rebukes Tuesday on the floor of the House of Delegates.

Del. Frank D. Hargrove, R-Glen Allen, responded to a tearful Jewish delegate from Alexandria whose ancestors came to America from Nazi-occupied Poland by telling him, "I think your skin was a little too thin."

The Baron (of Gates of Vienna) comments:
No wonder they gasped. Mr. Hargrove has dared to utter one of those sentiments which simply cannot be said. It just isn't done. I'd say that his political career is in jeopardy, but, since he's seventy-nine years old, that may not be of great concern to him.
The Baron goes on at length to explain why folks need to "get over it". Then in the comments in response to a few commenters including myself, the Baron explains that his article on the subject was misunderstood.

I replied to him:

I would imagine that the Delegate doesn't understand.

Just as Jews are never going to get over the Holocaust, Blacks are never going to get over slavery.

I think what you really mean is that for a civil society to function you must not visit the sins of the fathers on the sons. No blood feuds.

In fact I'm pretty sure that is what you meant. You will correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure.

I think if you start out with "no blood feuds" as your premise your next essay on the subject will have more clarity.

In fact that is what is wrong with a significant portion of the black community these days. They operate on a "corruption of blood" principle.

The good Delegate would be wise to keep that in mind when he delivers his next lecture.

Now that is not the only place we see this kind of problem. There is a Corruption of Blood attitude by many blacks towards the three Lacrosse players in Durham, NC.
Since March 14, race and racism have played a consistent, and sometimes depressingly noticeable, role in this case. In the Wilmington Journal, Cash Michaels has frequently quoted from anonymous racist e-mails that he has received; on the Duke campus, Karla Holloway has claimed to have received similar e-mails. Anonymous e-mails of any type, it seems to me, should be criticized; racist emails are contemptible.

That said, I've received dozens of anonymous, race-baiting e-mails since starting this blog; I don't consider those e-mails any more representative of the Group of 88's thinking than I would consider anonymous racist e-mails to reflect the mindset of the Group's critics.

Beyond the one lacrosse player and these anonymous e-mails, however, evidence of anti-black racism as applied to this case has been difficult to discern.

However if you study the case and the archives at Durham in Wonderland (see the sidebar) you will note that there is a lot of anti-white racism in evidence from a vocal segment of the Duke faculty. Despite the fact that a study of the same archives shows little white on black racism evident on campus.

To come together in America I do believe that we must socially as well as in law not allow Corruption of Blood to influence our thinking. Every person must be treated as an individual. With out such treatment our individual liberties are in great danger.

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posted by Simon on 01.17.07 at 03:04 PM


You know, I debated about whether to comment on this post; to comment in agreement, especially to point out that there appear to be cynical elements not just willing but panting to maintain the "corruption of blood"/victimhood pairing going, seemed (and seems) to me to be inviting accusations of racism. Against me, I mean.

Oh well. Bring it on...

Jamie   ·  January 17, 2007 10:14 PM

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