Lazy Thanksgiving RINO Carnival

Be sure not to miss this week's Thanksgiving RINOs Carnival. It's hosted by Jim K at Right Wing Thoughts, who's quite funny despite feeling lazy. Lots of Thanksgiving humor, but not one of the posts is a turkey.

A few favorites:

  • Bill at INDC is going to be an embedded reporter in Iraq. We need more like him and he needs support, so go click on his paypal link and send him some money.
  • Dan Melson thinks the "right" to health care violates the Fifth Amendment if it requires others to supply health care without just compensation. Good point.
  • Don Surber fisks Michael Moore, who's always in need.
  • And host Jim has a very amusing post about Battlestar Galactica -- and for me to be amused it has to be good, for I don't watch BSG!
  • They're all good, down to the last bits of trimmings and stuffing.

    posted by Eric on 11.20.06 at 05:44 PM


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