Undefinable RINOs rage without T-Shirts!

I didn't realize it until today, but as Rachel at Tinkerty Tonk points out, the RINOs still don't have an official T-shirt.

She offers a great suggestion from Don Surber, which I will not spoil. You have visit the carnival to look. And while there, check out the great posts. I liked them all, but of course I'm partial to definitional issues. (My hypersensititivity to "definitionitis" is one of the reasons I'm proud to call myself a RINO and a "Goldwater liberal.")

Anyway, here's a sample:

  • Don Surber (although he doesn't blame Clinton for 9/11) nonetheless has some interesting thoughts about Bill Clinton:
    ...his rabbit ears belie the truth that Clinton holds himself to blame.
  • Gary the Ex-Donkey argues convincingly that if Democrats are elected, taxes will go up. (I'm shocked to hear that. Shocked, I tell you!)
  • Pigilito offers a classic example of how radicalism becomes moderate as extremists become more extreme.
  • Digger has an important roundup of House immigration legislation.
  • Barry at Enrevanche touches on the perplexing question of whether and how bloggers might describe their blogs:
    Carrie (my long-suffering wife) and I were talking about blogs tonight, and how some blogging concepts can be summed up easily in a single sentence, while other blogs eluded easy description...
    Barry's wife offered an "intersection of the following sets":
    geek/Southerner/pedant/sentimentalist/libertarian, with maybe a few more ovals in the Venn diagram as well.
    I'm afraid there are already too many ovals in my Venn diagram, and if I tried to define myself I'd end up fighting my own definitions, and be defined out of existence.
  • RINOs as usual refuse to be defined.

    Go read em all!

    posted by Eric on 09.25.06 at 04:21 PM


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