Professor moves from insults to threats against children?

Of all the various forms of viciousness I've seen in the years I've been blogging, this one takes the cake.

While I can't open Jeff's links right now as his site is down, via Pajamas Media and Ace, I see that Jeff Goldstein's two year old child has been threatened by University of Arizona psychology professor Deb Frisch. Says Ace:

When it comes to lunatics expressing their hope that a two year old boy gets "Jon Benet[ed]," it's time for her boss to know precisely what he's giving a paycheck to.
Ace is pissed as hell, and has another post here.

Incivility and ad hominem attacks are one thing, but this. . .

I don't think I've seen anything quite so despicable in the three plus years that I've been blogging.

The text of what Deb Frisch said (via Six Meat Buffet) follows below (because it's so psychotically disturbing I don't want to look at it when I open my blog). What I find most incredible about this is that she really seems to be working as a professor.

If I had a kid attending the University of Arizona, I'd sue for a refund.

MORE: Froggy at Blackfive has more (in a post titled "A New Low") and also explains that Jeff Goldstein is under a DDOS attack:

I just spoke with Jeff by phone and he informed me his site is currently under two (2) Denial of Service attacks at this time. Apparently, some elements of the psychotic left are closing ranks around Dr. Frisch and seemingly approve of her tactics of threatening children with death and sexual abuse. Nice going.

Frisch makes Ward Churchill look like a nice sweet man.

UPDATE: Deb Frisch has apologized. (Via Glenn Reynolds.)

UPDATE: For blog pathologists interested in the Deb Frisch style of trolling, the "Deb Frisch" comments at this Crooked Timber post vacillate between aggressor and victim, leveling bogus charges then pliantly retracting them.

Interesting, as of right now she seems quite unfazed, and unless someone else is using her name, she's still be at it today, over at Ace's.

Ace commenter "Jeff G" links to another comment made by "Deb Frisch" here which purports to "explain" her threat against the two-year-old:

By telling Jeff that I would not be upset if harm came to his two year old, I was trying to create in him the feeling I had from all the sexual comments.
(Names are in quotes because there's no way to be sure that things are what they appear.)

And finally, at her blog, Deb Frisch is saying she's not as bad as conservatives:

It is unbelievable that a comment saying I would not care if harm came to your child is such a crime to the rightwingnuts when they've been happy as clams to send American dupes to murder, maim, rape and torture (yup folks - depriving people of electricity and clean water is a form of torture!) Iraqi children for four years.
Personally, I think she's enjoying the attention. It's a pity that such despicable methods often work.

UPDATE (07/09/06): Thank you Glenn Reynolds, for linking this post, and welcome all!

New CV readers, don't miss Justin's post about Deb Frisch's self-proclaimed identification with Palestinians and her stated desire to "throw metaphorical rocks." This caused commenter DANEgerous to opine:

Oh I get it... now that she identifies with Palestinians she has an overwhelming desire to kill Jewish toddlers...

Sure... makes perfect sense now.

Seriously, if anyone had told me when I started blogging that the killing of bloggers' toddlers would ever be a topic under discussion, I wouldn't have believed them.

MORE: Via Glenn's link, I was appalled to read Gateway Pundit's reminder about the political targeting of children (including a threat by animal rights activists to cut open a 7-year-old and stuff him with poison) being nothing new. I'd written about the latter threat previously, but until today I had not known about targeting the children of members of the Minutemen group.

Just wondering. . . Might any of this be called "eliminationist rhetoric"? Or is that term only used to condemn Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc.?

MORE: As if anyone needed more evidence of trolling by "Deborah Frisch, Ph.D.," I found some comments purporting to be made by her to University of Chicago Economics Professor Steven D. Levitt at his Freakonomics blog:

Also, I think your research is lame. You relentlessly pursue inanely trivial topics (poker, baseball, sumu wrestling). When you stumble across a real topic (abortion), you pathologically reject the obvious policy implications of it.

Your refusal to acknowledge that your results are pro-liberal shows that you are either a republican or a wimp. I’ve heard from a mutual acquaintance (an mba student at chicago) that you are not a republican so i deduce that you’re a wimp. (Personally, I don’t think your data are ammo for the pro-choice crowd. I don’t think you showed that legalization of abortion CAUSES a decrease in crime, but that’s another story.)

It seems like your goal in life is to titilate adolescent boys and men whose interests are similar to theirs rather than shed light on issues of societal importance.

I believe economists pose a greater threat to the security and well-being of the country than al qaeda. Ben Shalom Bernanke, Larry Summers and especially, John Graham scare me more than Osaddama.


From gay to economist to Jew bashing?

It all has a familiar ring.

From Six Meat Buffet, here's a collection of Deb Frisch's comments:

[…] as I said elsewhere, if I woke up tomorrow and learned that someone else had shot you and your “tyke” it wouldn’t slow me down one iota. You aren’t “human” to me.


So if you could just tell me the AGE and SEX of your “tyke,” I’d be stoked!


Ooh. Two year old boy. Sounds hot. You live in Colorado, I see. Hope no one Jon-Benets your baby.

I reiterate: If some nutcase kidnapped your child tomorrow and did to her what was done to your fellow Coloradan, Jon-Benet Ramsey, I wouldn’t give a damn.

Give your pathetic progeny (I sure hope that mofo got good genes from his mama!) a big fat tongue-filled kiss from me! LOTS AND LOTS OF SALIVA from Auntie MOONBAT, if you don’t mind!

Somehow, Jeffy boy, I think you get off on the possibility of Frenching your pathetic progeny, even if it is a boy. You seem like a VERY, VERY sick mofo to me, bro.


Please, someone, tell me this isn't parody!

Interestingly, Deb Frisch seems to be a real pro at making threats:

I used to work in the psychology department at the University of Oregon. When the quacks (=ducks+psychologists) denied me tenure, the only way I could fight it was to allege discrimination on the basis of sex and/or sexual orientation. Although my main nemesis frequently made inappropriate comments regarding these two topics, at the time, I wasn't sure I’d been discriminated against.

The majority of people who are denied tenure either fight or leave. Although I didn’t want to fight, I also didn’t want to leave. So I finegeled a demotion. One of the quacks was famous and had a lot of clout with the administration. I told him that if he could arrange for me to continue teaching for a few years, I wouldn’t sue and embarrass his crony.

(Via Violet, who also links a post from Professor Bainbridge documenting other ad hominem invective from Frisch.)

posted by Eric on 07.07.06 at 07:23 PM


I read about that on Ace of Spades earlier today and didn't get it at first. I thought it was some kind of stupid, tasteless joke. Or, actually, I simply could not compute that anybody would actually write such things publicly.

Having no sense of proportion nor right and wrong is one thing, having no shame is another, but being stupid enough to publicly display the lack of those things is almost beyond comprehension. She's must be suicidal. Or maybe she has her head so far stuck into the moonbat echo chamber she really believes those kinds of comments are reasonable.

Harkonnendog   ·  July 7, 2006 10:37 PM

I couldn't find a trackback uri but I am working up a piece on this now, thanks!

The Uncooperative Blogger   ·  July 8, 2006 2:25 PM

Meh. When they are that nuts, it is no fun to take them apart.

Like the Hacker Hellstorm in Canadian Bacon. It takes all the fun out of it...

Jon Thompson   ·  July 9, 2006 3:28 AM

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