Coco is the only Daily

I'll be busy most of the day, and I'm pressed for time and suffering from a thought shortage .

Coco, however, thinks. She plots. . .

Why Coco can't be more like Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, I don't know. I've tried to encourage her to blog. But what I'd really like would be for her to find a better role model than me. That way, she could really play online pit bull politics -- and command her minions in much the way David Brooks (via LGF) describes Kos (the ideal role model for Coco):

The Keyboard Queenpin, aka Coco B. Scheie, sits at her computer, fires up her Web site, the Daily Coco, and commands her followers, who come across like squadrons of rabid pit bulls, to unleash their venom on those who stand in the way. And in this way the Queenpin has made herself a mighty force in her own mind, and every knee shall bow.

Very flattering, but how do I break it to Coco that every knee has not yet bowed?

To be sure, Coco's skills exceed mine. Her expertise with document shredders is unsurpassed. (A skill closely related to her documented ability to send faxes.)

And she is very proud of her investigative skills. Here she is -- just yesterday -- posing with a suspicious cylinder that I previously dismissed as a nitrous oxide tank, but which Coco is now absolutely certain might very well possibly contain WMDs!


Nice "point," no?

But is it an important discovery? I'd be very hesitant to disagree with Coco, but I don't think so. I think that even if the tank contains WMDs, that they're degraded, which means that they aren't really there. (But disagreeing over degradation is a degrading experience.)

On top of all that, Coco is a sex star. Plus, while she's into plenty of whiffs, there's never been a whiff of any scandal connected with her.

Can anyone say that about her role model?

Is it fair that the Daily Kos succeeds, while no one knows about the Daily Coco? (Well, the latter is a term, but it refers to a morning beverage, not a blog. But because of my background as a Berkeley student, Daily Coco and Daily Kos both sound imitative of the Daily Cal. I might enjoy a satirical knockoff -- but alas, even the Daily Kass seems to be taken. Sorry, Justin!)

None of this is fair.

posted by Eric on 06.25.06 at 08:19 AM


What does the "B." stand for, I ask in confusion.

Jon Thompson   ·  June 25, 2006 3:03 PM

Much as I'd like to say "blogger," I'm afraid it stands for "bear." The breeder put it on her first puppy registration certificate, and it sort of stuck.

Eric Scheie   ·  June 25, 2006 4:02 PM

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