No time to dissect crimes of nature

Today must be nature appreciation day. At least it is for Coco -- who has been finding owl pellets in the yard, like this one:


From the size, it appears to be either a Barred Owl, a Great Horned Owl or a Barn Owl pellet. (They nest in my yard, and one time I heard what sounded like knock-down-drag-out battle between a Barred owl and a Barn Owl.) The owl pellets provide direct physical evidence that owls are not nice to small animals and other living things.

What I didn't know is that they're worth almost $6.00 apiece (although they're cheaper on ebay.) I should probably save them -- maybe if they appreciate in value they'll provide a hedge against inflation.

I have no idea whether it's legal to sell them, but if they contained bird remains, it would probably be illegal to send them to Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, I don't feel like dissecting the pellet (or the law) right now, but I pulled it apart and it appears to consist of squirrel fur and a few assorted bones.

posted by Eric on 05.13.06 at 01:06 PM


For a dog everyday is nature appreciation day.

A dog says, "Good morning, God."

A cat says, "Good God, it's morning."

Alan Kellogg   ·  May 13, 2006 10:19 PM

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