What? No Bush Genocide?

While it took them awhile to perform the requisite statistical analyses, it now turns out that there were no racial disaparities among the Katrina flood victims:

Study finds death toll in proportion

Contrary to perceptions, poor and black residents didn't suffer inordinately compared with others.

By John Simerman, Dwight Ott and Ted Mellnik
Inquirer National Staff

NEW ORLEANS - Four months after Hurricane Katrina, analyses suggest that some widely reported assumptions about the storm's victims were incorrect.

For example, a comparison of the locations where 874 bodies were recovered with U.S. Census tract data indicates that the victims were not disproportionately poor. Another database, compiled by Knight Ridder of 486 Katrina victims from Orleans Parish and neighboring St. Bernard Parish, suggests they also were not disproportionately African American.

Well, I'm glad that's out of the way.

Is it reasonable to expect apologies from the people who claimed that the deaths were a form of "genocide" caused by Bush racism?

UPDATE (01/06/06): My thanks to Cathy Young for linking this post! I couldn't agree more her conclusion:

No wonder a lot of people think there really is a "liberal media."

Rather surprisingly, the blogosphere has also paid little attention to this debunking of Katrina myths. Yet this is an important story which says a great deal about the knee-jerk acceptance of claims that support conventional wisdom about America's social ills. It should be reported more widely, and there should be more apologies.

There should be, but I'm not holding my breath. (I suspect this will be thrown into the journalistic deep freeze along with other dead bodies....)

posted by Eric on 01.02.06 at 09:33 AM


"Is it reasonable to expect apologies from the people who claimed that the deaths were a form of "genocide" caused by Bush racism?"

No. It's resonable to demand them. It would be insane to expect them to be given (especially without the demand).

Kathy K   ·  January 2, 2006 3:22 PM

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