Horror story from China

If you like dogs as I do, and you thought it was bad to see dogs being shot in New Orleans, what Chinese authorities are doing makes that look humane by comparison:

The start of the Chinese Year of the Dog is just four months away, but in the southern city of Guangzhou thousands of frightened dog owners and their pets are lying doggo after local authorities intensified a crackdown on unregistered animals.

Unlicensed dogs are being rounded up by the police and, in the past week, hundreds have been culled, some in front of their owners, by special dog-killing teams.

E-mails sent by anguished Guangzhou residents to the Hong Kong-based animal welfare group Animals Asia spoke of owners collapsing after their animals were put to death in front of them and of streets running with the blood of dead dogs. "The dog-killing team killed all the dogs they saw," reported one witness. "Their blood made the street turn red and their owners fainted. The dog-killing team showed no mercy and said it was an order from the government."

Regarded as symbols of bourgeois decadence during the Mao era and only fit for the dinner table, dogs have become increasingly fashionable as pets in China in recent years. With the one-child policy in operation in the cities, many parents buy dogs as companions for their only child, and they are a status symbol among the country's burgeoning middle classes.

(From Peking Duck -- who notes the dogs are being clubbed to death -- and The English Guy, via Lynn of A Sweet, Familiar Dissonance, formerly Reflections in D minor.)

No wonder the Chinese authorities have censored bloggers, and corrupted Google.

Bloody bastards.

MORE: People believing in things like government "registration" might keep in mind that in China, registration of dogs is synonymous with prohibition:

.... dog registration fees are so high in Guangzhou that only 800 of the estimated 60,000 dogs in the city are licensed. It costs the equivalent of £700 to register a dog, almost half the average salary of most Chinese, followed by a further annual fee of about £400.
Half a year's salary?

Maybe I shouldn't be giving the Brady Bunch any more crackpot ideas....

posted by Eric on 10.05.05 at 11:41 AM


As appalling as this is for any lover of animals (even us meat-eaters) it is absolutely consistent with the behavior of a government that harvests the SKIN of freshly executed convicts, to be processed to extract the collagens to be sold to Western Cosmetics Manufacturers.

I know that sounds bizarre, but only to us protected softies in the West. Here are the links to check, taken from my own blog post: “Joe Katzman at windsofchange.net, by way of USMC_Vet, directed our scrutiny to a news item that, if you still have a stomach that can turn, will turn your stomach... ”

The central problem is that the government of China regards its citizens as property of the state, so any new rule can be justified by the its utility to the state. If profits can be made by processing human cadavers to sell those products to the West, it is clearly in the interest of the state to extend the range of crimes punishable by death. Pets represent a drain on the resources of the state, so destroying them is clearly advantageous to the state. The added benefit of the killing, especially if it is performed brutally and publicly, is the further intimidation of the citizens, to remind them of exactly who is in charge.

David March   ·  October 5, 2005 1:12 PM

That is a horrifying story, especially the fact that they're doing it to prisoners apparently while they're still alive.

Cruelty to animals seems to go hand in hand with cruelty to humans, of course, and as many forensics psychologists have observed, the former often leads to the latter.

Eric Scheie   ·  October 5, 2005 1:36 PM

Reminds me of the Nazis making lampshades out of human skin, soap out of human fat. Tell me again why we should ever have recognized Communist China? It would make them more liberal?

Well, it might not have made them liberal, but they have transformed the government from Communism into Fascism calling itself "Communism." In a way it's too bad the Communists were smart enough to change.

Eric Scheie   ·  October 7, 2005 5:41 PM

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