Eating the evidence?

It's time for interpretative contemplation. I'll start with some lyrics from a favorite song.

Sailing down the river in an old canoe
A bunch of bugs and an old tennis shoe
Out of the river all ugly and green
Came the biggest old alligator that I've ever seen
Teeth big and pointed and his eyes were bugging out
Contacted the union, put the beggars to rout
Screaming and yelling, he was picking his chops
He never runs, he just stumbles and hops
Just out of prison on six dollar's bail
Mumbling at bitches and a-wagging his tail

Alligator running round my door
Alligator running round my door
Alligator running round my door
Alligator running round my door

Alligator creeping round the corner of my cabin door
He's coming round to bother me some more

-- "Alligator" (Grateful Dead)

Whatever happened to the "alligations" about man eating alligators in New Orleans?

They seem to have largely disappeared, along with the alligators themselves.

Over at the blog of a key proponent of the man eating alligator theory, I found a picture which might shed some light:


Without any comment, underneath that revealing photograph was a link to this yahoo story, which claimed that the alligator-stuffed python was found in Florida and not Louisiana:

MIAMI (AFP) - The tail of an alligator protruding from the ruptured gut of a python, which had swallowed its foe alive, bore witness to a fierce and unusual battle between two of the deadliest predators in Florida's swamps.

Park rangers, who photographed the remains of the two huge reptiles in the Everglades National Park, say the clash demonstrates the threat to the fragile swamplands posed by a growing population of non-native Burmese pythons.

Pythons, thought to have abandoned by pet owners, have been multiplying in the large swath of swampland, and environmentalists fear the exotic intruders threaten to overrun the national park, preying on native species.

The latest find suggest the huge pythons might even challenge alligators' leading position in the food chain.

The food chain? Please!

Obviously, they're hoping that the public will either bust a gut laughing, or else be so distracted by the threat to the environment that they'll never stop to, well, connect the dots.

That's where I come in.

Consider the following facts:

  • Alligators were reported -- by various sources, including a well-known musician -- to have been eating people in New Orleans.
  • Government officials admitted that one of the reasons that bodies might never be found was because they'd be eaten by alligators.
  • No alligator has been found in New Orleans with human remains inside
  • The United States military has worked with reptiles.
  • The military has made people disappear (and even if they haven't, they might as well have).
  • According to the article, the python was "found on September 27" -- plenty of time for it to have been flown, shipped or driven from New Orleans by military transport.
  • Bush sent in military forces to occupy New Orleans, and they are still there despite Cindy Sheehan's demands that they be removed.
  • It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that something must have happened to the alligators -- with the human remains still inside them!

    Is it a coincidence that pythons are eating alligators in Florida?

    Where Bush's own brother is governor?

    As that great American patriot Ted Rall asked tellingly,

    How far up the White House food chain does the rot of treason go?
    I don't know but this was one tough-to-swallow coverup that took plenty of guts.

    posted by Eric on 10.08.05 at 11:34 PM


    Funny. I saw a link to that same picture here in Dean's World a few days ago: "Snake Eats Alligator"

    I wrote:
    "Your eyes were bigger than your stomach," as my Dad used to say.

    Tyrone Steels II wrote:
    What's even more fascinating (and scary) is that Anacondas in the Amazon jungle routinely eat 6-foot alligators and crocodiles without a problem.

    I'm sure glad I'm not in the Amazon jungle!

    The sexual identity post was only slightly more confusing than this conspiracy theory...

    bryan   ·  October 9, 2005 2:38 AM

    One of the tragedies of this blog is that the more I try to clarify things, the more confused I get!

    Steven, I don't think it would be fair to drag Dean into this, because there's not a shred of evidence linking him to even a whiff of a coverup.

    Eric Scheie   ·  October 9, 2005 9:09 AM

    No, Dean seems not to have been "in the know" about this, he didn't mention the conspiratorial aspects at all. Given the premises, that is an extremely logical theory you put forth. " tough-to-swallow coverup that took plenty of guts." The style of that!

    I wonder what Dawn and Norma would make of this conspiracy? If those eaten were Negroes, then obviously the Communists are behind it. Is President Bush secretly taking orders from Cindy Sheehan? Musician? "Holy Music vs. Drug Music and the Conspiracy Behind the Conspiracy" Orange Lodges?

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