But Americans don't drink children's blood!

I finally saw War of the Worlds, and despite my concerns that it was about the war in Iraq, I think I can safely state that it was not.

At least, I don't think the Americans yet have anything quite as nasty as these.....

Daytime view:


And the same critters at night:


They're really mean, and they frighten children and put people in cages and stuff. They drink people's blood, and cover the earth with ugly red thready material, which probably violates EPA regulations.

Anyway, the film had fine special effects, and solid acting. I'm not even into science fiction, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. If you think about it, it invites a sequel, because the premise of how the aliens came to be destroyed might very well apply in reverse....

posted by Eric on 07.27.05 at 06:01 PM


I'm glad you liked it. Looks like it could be interesting. Haven't had much time for movies, what with all my other preoccupations, including this blog, but I may go see it. Right now, I'm wrapped up in Dawn vs. Wanda and also in my urgent need to get my hands on James S. Valliant's The Passion of Ayn Rands's Critics as soon as possible. Been reading a lot of reviews and threads on it....

Reminds me of Wanda's The 9 Evil Lesbian Invaders From Another Galaxy.

ha! ha! ha! ha! haaaaaaaa!

Awesome movie, especially if you sit in the first 4 rows. In fact don't even bother if you can't sit in the first 8 rows of a BIG theater. This movie is MADE for the first for rows, surround sound etc.

I didn't find it anti-American or anti-Bush at all. When the US military is going against the aliens and Cruise's son wants so badly to fight I found that inspiring and patriotic.

An even better movie is Wedding Crashers... at least if you enjoyed Old School it is.


A post of at Chronwatch says the writer left out the gassing in the book to avoid people thinking the aliens were Saddam-ish, which makes sense, but that he failed to make the US military look anything except heroic, and that in fact the alien sucking the blood out of the humans was very liberal in an abortion sort of way.


Harkonnendog   ·  July 28, 2005 1:24 AM

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