Nepotism is a family value!

Despite the fact that I have serious reservations about nepotism, I don't see any reason why bloggers shouldn't be allowed to utilize the services of family members -- especially when a family member shows early and promising talent.

And Coco is an exceptionally talented dog. As I demonstrated in a previous post, she understands basic office procedures, has a knack for zeroing in on suspicious documents, and abhors coverups.

The other day as Coco and I were reading the Inquirer together a thought struck me!

The moment was captured for posterity:


I assure you, I don't normally look that happy when reading the Inquirer. But it was then that I realized that if I started Coco early, she might be the first pit bull to become a genuine media blogger. If you examine this closeup of her face, you will see that she has one blue eye and one brown eye -- a recessive condition known as "bi-eyed."


It's become obvious that the two halves of her brain process information differently, allowing nothing to escape her scrutiny. Everything is constantly being reevaluated and seen in an entirely new way.

In all candor, I am forced to admit that Coco isn't as intelligent as some of the better bloggers. But give her a break; she's a dog after all. Her brain is the size of a lime.

I mean, what would you do if you had a brain the size of a lime? Great talent and a knack for spotting details is fine, but let's face it, there are limits to the capabilities of the canine mind. I say this not to insult or belittle Coco in any way; only to highlight the importance of starting her early, and never allowing anyone to hurt her self esteem.

Coco is just as good as any other blogger!

And here's proof.


That's Coco, fisking the Philadelphia Inquirer. She thought that piece was written by dummies, for dummies, and about dummies.

Puff, of course, didn't have the advantage of an early start in life, but he's very proud of Coco's head start in fisking.

Here they are, just a few hours ago.


Obviously, talent runs in the family.

MORE: Readers who think Coco is unqualified to be a blogger should bear in mind that blogging is an art form. And at least one pit bull has been successful as an artist:

Referred to as the "Pitcasso" of the art world, southeast Valley resident Spanky cuts quite a wide swath locally. One of his paintings recently sold for $550 at the American Diabetes Association's Valley of the Sun Celebrity Art Auction.

The pit bull's artistic sphere of influence is not confined to the Valley. At Santa Fe's famous Indian Market, his works usually command four figures.

Already, bloggers are dogging the art world. Why not the inverse?

It's the age of convergence.

posted by Eric on 05.15.05 at 10:43 PM



You are so weird. :-)

Michael   ·  May 16, 2005 9:01 AM


Coco's view of me has been independently confirmed. I'm glad I haven't taught her how to read the comments.


Eric Scheie   ·  May 16, 2005 11:13 AM

Puff and Coco. What wonderful dogs. And good to see another picture of you, too.

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