iPod is the new Pissoir

Daniel Henninger says out with Modernism and Post-Modernism and in with respite.

For the sake of argument, I am willing to agree that Duchamp's urinal was the most influential artwork of the past century. If this is even close to being true, we may declare the modern art movement dead.

Why? For one reason: It is inappropriate to the age in which we live. It is time for both Modernism and Post-Modernism to go away. The 20th century is over. We don't need it anymore. We don't want it anymore.

I find the piece a bit heavy-handed and moralisitc (tho no mo' po mo is fine by me) but it's still worth a read.

posted by Dennis on 02.18.05 at 08:53 AM


It wasn't nearly heavy-handed or moralistic enough for me.

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