Avoiding Sunday aimlessness . . .

Speaking of triangulation, this morning I went to the shooting range with a group of friends. My shooting skills are always in need of improvement, and I felt especially inaccurate today, because I was firing a .380 Walther PPK/S, a concealable semi-automatic pistol with a nasty little kick (from which my hand is still sore). At 25 yards, I was at first lucky to hit the target at all, but after some adjusting and refamiliarization fire with the little monster, I improved -- to the point of actually getting one shot into the bullseye.

Here I am, being humbled by the target:


And here's a group shot with my friends (one of whom brought along an incredibly cool Civil War style black powder revolver).


What? You thought I was gonna stay home and watch the Superbowl?

posted by Eric on 02.06.05 at 05:14 PM


What a MAN you are! I sure like that picture. I hope Jeff Soyer is seeing that picture and enjoying it as much as I think he is. What a MAN he is, too!

It took me far into last night and most of today, but I've finally completed #7 of this special spectrumological series. In this post, I discussed some 19 different 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional spectra, none of which is derived from the Nolan spectrum. Much more to come.... "Smitty'n'Andy"....

Cool. I've a Walther PP in .32 ACP and that little piece hurts my hand more than any other pistol I own. Extremely well-made and reliable, but it's a brute for such a small gun.

Just a FWIW, but I really like the Kel-Tec P11 9mm for carry. A little more "oomph" than the .380, a lot more selection in the ammo department, but also one of the smallest 9mm out there. Plus, not that much more kick or hand "smack" than my wife's FEG .380. I rarely leave home without it. :-)

Appalachian Gun Trash   ·  February 6, 2005 11:00 PM

Had to make a minor correction within that post, but now it's done. I have some things I have to do tomorrow that may delay my next big post a day or two, but don't worry. I won't throw in the sponge.

Well, truth to tell, at 25 yards, with a sight distance that short, you were pushing the outer envelope of the pistol anyway!

Which does go to show, however, if you are going to rely on something that small, you have to stay current with it, or you *can* empty a magazine at a target and never do more than scare 'em!

John of Argghhh!   ·  February 7, 2005 8:18 AM

Uh, surely yards was a typo in the blog, right? That what I assumed when first read. If not, then I sure have to admire your optimism. :-)

Appalachian Gun Trash   ·  February 7, 2005 11:04 AM

Yeah, it was 25 yards. And as I said, it really was tough to hit the target. I used binoculars every time I went through a magazine to see how many shots were even making it onto the paper. This helped me improve, as I was able to see that the shots getting through were low and to the left, so I adjusted accordingly. At first I was hitting the paper about 25% of the time, but by the time I finished up it was more than 50%, with about one in four getting into the black circles, and one in the bullseye.

Eric Scheie   ·  February 7, 2005 2:31 PM

... any day at the range is better than watching the Super Bowl..

.. nice choice of firearms, Eric... I pack a .380 Beretta every day... small, light, accurate, and very concealable...

Eric   ·  February 7, 2005 7:38 PM

Look into the "high thumbs" style grip. It will help with both accuracy and recoil management.

If you need more information ping me out of band and I'll assist.

Petro   ·  February 7, 2005 8:56 PM

Maybe Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-See targets would help? I like to shoot at 25 yds. too, closer seems like its too easy. ;-)

Anonymous   ·  February 8, 2005 12:05 PM

Is it inappropriate for me to comment on the fact that you are a cutie? :)

Rue   ·  February 8, 2005 10:49 PM

I'm a bit over the hill for such compliments, but thanks!


And thanks for the shooting advice from everyone!

Eric Scheie   ·  February 8, 2005 11:19 PM

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