What's up doc?

Don't know much about "rabbbits used vibrators," but I'm learning. (Isn't that both sic and sick? Not only was "rabbit" spelled wrong, there's no apostrophe!)

While Glenn Reynolds linked to the Amazon gift item, I'm all confused because he didn't say anything about the intended users, only that used was refurbished or something and that he didn't think it would sell well. Not really to disagree or or be a prude or anything, but I tend to agree with the guy who gave the rabbits' used vibrators only one star, and well, even though he said he didn't "know" the used vibrators (obviously, he meant "know" in the Biblical sense) I have to agree with his reasoning:

I can't imagine why a rabbit would want this, even with pearls. If you are looking for a nice gift for the long-floppy-eared family pet, I suspect they would prefer some new pellets or a nice collar.
It's simple logic. Why would a rabbit want a vibrator?

But I'm still confused.

Amazon reviewer Anne Haight (might she be related to blogger Anne Haight?) gives it five stars, though, and points out that the company, MyPleasure, "accepts returns on vibrators (even used ones)."

Well that's a commendable company policy, but I'm still trying to figure out how the rabbits could possibly have used them, much less managed to send them back.

Something just plain doesn't make sense.

(Unless there's another inside joke about how "Bugs" get his name, perhaps this is all a Feeble attempt at humor.)

posted by Eric on 12.15.04 at 06:51 PM


Vibrators are evil! They lead to masturbation, which leads to all kinds of perverted, wicked thoughts....

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