God Still Hates You

I caught a lot of flak for my last post, but now we hear the faithful crying out:

Traditionalists of diverse faiths described the destruction as part of god's plan, proof of his power and punishment for human sins.

"This is an expression of God's great ire with the world," Israeli chief rabbi Shlomo Amar told Reuters. "The world is being punished for wrongdoing -- be it people's needless hatred of each other, lack of charity, moral turpitude."

Pandit Harikrishna Shastri, a priest of New Delhi's huge marble and sandstone Birla Hindu temple, told Reuters the disaster was caused by a "huge amount of pent-up man-made evil on earth" and driven by the positions of the planets.

Azizan Abdul Razak, a Muslim cleric and vice president of Malaysia's Islamic opposition party, Parti Islam se-Malaysia, said the disaster was a reminder from god that "he created the world and can destroy the world."

Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, a leading British Muslim cleric from Leicester in England said: "We believe that God has ultimate controlling power over his entire creation. We have a responsibility to try and attract god's kindness and mercy and not do anything that would attract his anger."

It seems we're not far from swords and sandals afterall.

posted by Dennis on 12.31.04 at 11:49 AM


I appreciate the quotation that says, "The world isn't fair— thank God."

Just imagine if you *deserved* everything bad that happened to you.

This concept is why the book of Job is considered a form of comfort; everyone around him is claiming that his misofrtune is a direct punishment, but it is, in fact, entirely unrelated to his high level of piety. Basically, there are some things beyond our understanding, and it's NOT a punishment, it just is.

Obviously, many religious leaders would like to believe differently, because it gives them some control over their lives.

And as is typical, my point dribbles away into the æther. :)

B. Durbin   ·  December 31, 2004 2:58 PM

B. Durbin:

Tour point is well taken. As for me, I've always been glad I _don't_ get what I deserve.

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