the Politics of Confrontation

My working class fatherówho enlisted to fight in Vietnam and never nominated himself for anythingówas just in Las Vegas spending the money he's not supposed to have in this supposedly horrendous economy. He was at a table wearing his 'Veterans For Bush' shirt when he was confronted by an angry leftist charging 'THAT SHIRT IS A LIE!'

Aside from the fact that the phrase 'Veterans for Bush' does not admit of falsehood (we'll leave philosophy for another time),

(a) My father is a veteran,
(b) he's for Bush,
(c) and he's not alone.

That's a simple equation.

But that guy confronted the wrong cat. When my dad snapped back, though I wasn't there, I'd bet my life he took the guy's heart.

You can't tell a Marine from North Philly that his convictions are a lie and walk away the same as you came.

But really this is reflective of what Eric has already said about Berkeley, and what has been happening to signs (and little girls holding signs) supporting the President.

This is about the politics of intimidation, about efforts to shout down those with whom you disagree, to create a climate of fear, shame, and confrontation.

It's also about the complicity of the left in its silent support of the most virulent and anti-social elements.

You will see more and more of this ugliness rearing its head until the leadership of the left unequivocally denounces it. Of course, that won't happen as long as the DNC keeps adopting the Moore Doctrine.

When a man like my father shouts back, though, cowards crumble.

But wouldn't we all rather live in a civil society? The choice lies with the Left.

posted by Dennis on 10.09.04 at 07:02 PM


HOW can Veterans for Bush be a lie? Does she think no veterans are for Bush? (Hah! A friend of mine says Bush cannot lose because everyone who was ever in the military and everyone of their relations is solidly behind him. This is probably an exageration, but not by far.)

I'm glad your father put this idiot in her place.

That's it. I'm taking the older kid tonight and blanketing town in Communists for Kerry posters.

Have color printer. Will travel. And older kid is teen and spoiling to get in trouble, anyway.


Portia   ·  October 10, 2004 5:09 PM

The Left is trying to stage another Reign of Terror. Their campaign of intimidation seems to be working -- to a certain point. A crucial point. Bush supporters and Kerry-dislikers are going into the closet, hiding their signs and T-shirts and buttons and bumper-stickers, keeping their mouths shut, making themselves invisible -- until the day (November 2) when all the Kerry-supporters will look around and scratch their heads and ask: "Huh? How'd Bush win? I didn't see anybody supporting him. I thought everybody was for Kerry."

We must see to it that Bush wins. Or, rather, we must see to it that Kerry loses. As I've said before: Beware of your enemy when he's in a good mood. Batman doesn't like to see the Joker laughing. Churchill preferred to see Hitler chewing the carpet than dancing. The day Muslims danced in the street and passed out candy was not a good day for America. The day Kerry's supporters are cheering because they now have control over the Justice Department, the IRS, the BATF, and every other government agency with which to persecute their opponents will not be a good day for America either. We must see that it does not happen.

Vote for Bush. Not because I like Bush all that much, but because everything I've seen so far shows me that Kerry is even worse, perhaps much worse.

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