I'll be gone much of the day but if there's anyone reading this in campaign terroritory, there's something that they can do.

Download this document (Standard Form 180) and get Senator Kerry to sign it!

I believe strongly that in order to clear up the confusion over his discharge, he has to sign it. Otherwise, considering the good chance of him being elected, we'll be stuck with four contentious years of this kind of stuff. I have been around politics long enough to assure you that it hasn't even started yet; if Kerry is elected it will get uglier and uglier -- making the Bush hate machine look like child's play.

You can read more about the questions here.

It's all easily avoidable, and could be cleared up simply.

If you call the Kerry campaign HQ as I did yesterday (at 202-712-3000), they'll tell you he has signed Standard Form 180, but they're lying. He hasn't.

The military records are somewhere, and a signature on a piece of paper is all that's needed to get them.

posted by Eric on 10.28.04 at 07:06 AM


Great idea. I'd love to see a searchable database for stuff like this on the Kerry site, as well as a similar one for his Senate record and legal stuff when he was practicing law.

bink   ·  October 28, 2004 10:53 AM

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