Debate to Dubya ... big time.

Looking around I see some hardnosed bloggers complaining about nothing new here, but trust me. Remember, I was none too impressed with the second debate which many people thought Bush won handily. This was a dominant performance which will resonate with voters.

Democrats tend to assume that domestic issues are their strength, and many seem to think that Bush hinges entirely upon hawkish foreign policy, but he built his political career on domestic issues and came to the presidency as a relative novice on foreign policy.

Bank on it: Bush wins big.



Even Kerry agrees. (Photo stolen from Drudge.)

posted by Dennis on 10.13.04 at 10:56 PM


How utterly shameless of Kerry! Clearly, he has adopted the "conservative scowl" he once condemned. Is there no limit to this man's rank opportunism, and fundamental flip-floppery?

Still, old habits die hard. My advice to Kerry is that he should lose the Communist clenched fist salute -- FAST!

Eric Scheie   ·  October 14, 2004 9:17 AM

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