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Jay Manifold at "A Voyage To Arcturus "and "The Rhetorica Network"have cooked up a nifty idea.

....a mechanism whereby a symbiotic relationship between blogging and traditional forms of journalism can be deliberately cultivated.
Reporters can use it to quickly authenticate highly technical or specialized story elements with subject-matter experts (SMEs) drawn from the best the blogosphere has to offer.... SMEs on also offer reporters another important advantage: As bloggers in addition to subject experts, they are plugged in to the latest internet conversation regarding their subject areas...
So if you're a blogger -- or even a regular blog reader -- we encourage you to:
Nominate bloggers to serve as subject-matter experts (SMEs). Just tell us the subject and the blog....
If you are nominated, of course, we'd like you to agree to serve. What we hope this will mean is the occasional contact from a journalist in need of enlightenment about some obscure element of a story that you are uniquely qualified to explain. The reporter gets the story right, and you get (if you wish) quoted or referred to as the expert. It's win-win.
we encourage the SMEs to respond relatively quickly, or hand off the inquiry to someone else in a better position to field it. Remember: there is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit....
Not to overlook the obvious, we'd like you to link to this post.
We'd also like feedback. You know more than we do -- far more. will adapt and grow with your help.

This seems like one of those sensible ideas that really deserves to take off. Ego and bad faith could kill it, from either side of the aisle. But the possibility of a better informed reportariat, one that actually used the immense massed expertise in this country, well it brings a wee paradigm bustin' tear t'me eye.


posted by Justin on 09.28.04 at 05:05 PM

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