Why Kerry's Pissed

Could it be that Bush is unfairly undertaxing the poor and working classes, to Kerry's pampered disadvantage?

Here's a graph from the Detroit News (courtesy G.R.) showing that while everyone's taxes went down, the percentage of the tax burden decreased for the bottom 60% of tax payers, while it increased for the top 40%, which means the rich take on a larger share of the overall tax burden than they did before when everyone paid higher taxes.

Before Bush's tax cuts the top 20% paid 78.4% of the taxes, and now pay 82.1%. In contrast the bottom 60% had formerly been responsible for 6.3% (adding the numbers) but are now only responsible for about 2.7%

Under Bush the top 40% take on 97.3% of the tax burden.

When will their free ride end?

posted by Dennis on 08.29.04 at 01:50 PM


I am stunned! Absolutely stunned! The audacity of the Detroit Free Press in breaking rank. Where are the protestors! Just as soon as they are done trashing New York City, they should immediately be bused (NO, wait FLY them on a 757) to Detroit and set them to protesting in front of the DFP offices! Burn! Burn! "Hey! Ho! Your papers got to go!"

Bryan   ·  August 30, 2004 1:34 AM

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