Induced nostalgia

A couple of points for those who are still interested in John Kerry.

  • First, tonight at 8:00 p.m., CSPAN is broadcasting the entirety of Kerry's 1971 speech before congress.
  • And Glenn Reynolds links to a site where you can read or download another classic from 1971, John Kerry's The New Soldier. This is the same book which has a very long waiting list at Amazon, and which would cost you $610.00 on Ebay! But now, thanks to the modern day miracle called the Internet, you can have it absolutely free!
  • Of course, the Kerry folks are trying to use the copyright laws to prevent you from reading it, which is why you should download it to your own hard drive, so you can later upload it to your blog in case the digital brown shirts try to mess with the InstaPundit-linked site.

    Ah, the miracles of the modern world!

    UPDATE: The more I think about the "digital brownshirt" phenomenon, the more I marvel over the supreme irony. I mean, it's one thing to suppress a book written by political enemies.

    But suppressing your own book?


    posted by Eric on 08.26.04 at 03:38 PM


    All you say is true. But suppressing your own book is not totally new to the totalitarian Left. Canada passed an anti-pornography law based on the arguments of Catharine McKinnon and Andrea Dworkin (that pornography degrades women, that sex is rape, etc.). And, ironically, under that law, some of Dworkin's own writings were deeped too sexy and were banned. Asked about this, Dworkin said that she would not mind seeing her own works banned if everything else sexual was banned also. Dworkin is nothing if not consistent, I must say.

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