Goss to be Boss? Dems at a Loss?

This morning, after the President announced Porter Goss as his pick for CIA director, NBC titans Matt Lauer and Jim Miklaszewski wondered whether Goss, as a former army intelligence officer, CIA agent, and member of a House intelligence committee, might not be part of "the problem" in America's intelligence agencies.

That's a fair question.

But of course a former swift boat captain and member of a Senate intelligence committee is not part of the problem.

Should Democrats take the line cast by Lauer and Miklaszewski they're sure to reel in more than criticism for politicizing the appointment. They'll call into question whether Kerry is part of the problem himself.

posted by Dennis on 08.10.04 at 10:43 AM


If Porter Goss's confirmation is a problem, can you imagine John Kerry's attempt to appoint three or four Supreme Court Justices as liberal as himself, when as few as 40 Republican Senators can, as Schumer taught them, block anybody?

LarryH   ·  August 10, 2004 4:01 PM

I hope the two parties block each other's judicial appointments forever or as long as it takes to keep Borks and/or gun-haters off the Supreme Court. Obstructionism is good. It's the only way as far as I can see to protect the Bill of Rights in today's climate. Each party has parts of the Bill of Rights that it hates and other parts that it wants to protect, and if they're balanced rightly they may cancel out each other's totalitarianisms.

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