Time to accessorize!

Does anyone remember the mysterious daisy?

I did a whole bunch of research at the time, but I was short on conclusions. Finally, the mystery was solved.

Of course now, four months later, "Kerry flip flop" is a more popular Google entry than "Kerry daisy". Can the "Kerry bunny suit" be far behind?

Well, I just found a not-to-be-missed gift item!


Give your loved one a hot foot today!

And, if you're looking to have hot feet, you can't hold a candle to this Ebay item, but you better hop over there now, because the sale ends today (at 8:10 p.m. EST).

Personally, I don't think daisy flip flops would clash with the bunny suit, but I'd have to ask the experts on fashionism.

(Now I've got to hot-foot it out of here.....)

posted by Eric on 07.29.04 at 10:49 AM


Those thongs look colorful. That's good.

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