News like this makes me want to volunteer!

If this is is true, I find it completely unacceptable:

the government of Iran is sponsoring an "Army of Martyrs," which claims to have 10,000 volunteers for suicide attacks on the U.S., including attacks with atomic weapons.
I mentioned this suicide army before, and the fact that a government is behind it is bad enough. That the same government seeks to be (or already is) a nuclear power makes me very grateful on the one hand that American armed forces are sitting next door in Iraq. But I am impatient on the other hand.

This situation is worse than what the U.S. faced from Saddam Hussein. Iran is further along in nuclear weapons development, and is a more practiced, more bitter enemy of the United States than was Saddam Hussein (who had been defeated in the earlier war, and was thus more inclined to be cautious). Iran sponsors Hezbollah and is a major source of unrest in Iraq.

I think there's a better case for regime change in Iran than there was in Iraq, and I supported regime change in Iraq.

But fortunately for the mullahs, I'm not Bush....

UPDATE: Not that I consider this to be particularly news, but it's now official that Iran is linked to al Qaida. Via Glenn Reynolds, who asks

Will those who said that it was wrong to invade Iraq because there wasn't enough evidence of such a connection now weigh in in favor of invading Iran?
Shall I hold my breath?

posted by Eric on 07.13.04 at 09:17 AM


A "more practiced" enemy, maybe. "More bitter," maybe not. I've heard the Iranian people have far more positive feelings for the US than the mullahs will admit. Most of the anti-Americanism there seems to come from theocratic pond-scum who can't run a country and need a foreign devil to blame for their failures.

My inclination is to leave Iran alone if possible, and let their far-more-developed democracy movement take its course.

Raging Bee   ·  July 13, 2004 9:43 AM

My quarrel is not with the Iranian people, but the mullahcracy. Their "revolution" was in many ways the birth of Islamofascism.

Eric Scheie   ·  July 13, 2004 10:26 AM

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